In the recent string the accusations, fundamentalist preacher Zakir Naik has actually come under api for allegedly having met one of the accused in February"s Delhi riots. Brand-new Delhi is calling for his extradition from Malaysia.

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Controversial Indian islamic preacher Zakir Naik is the latest suspect introduced by Indian authorities in anda investigation into the February Delhi riots, Indian berita outlet The Quint reported on Wednesday.

In an applications filed through the Delhi police top top June 15, the police alleged that among the accused in the riots, Khalid Saifi, met the preacher abroad and also sought his support for "spreading his agenda." Zaik, a fugitive currently in Malaysia, denied learning or having actually met Saifi, according to The Quint.

The incident has actually renewed secara politis and spiritual debates sekitarnya the controversial preacher. On might 14, India asked for the extradition of Naik. The fundamentalist preacher has lived in exile Malaysia for more than three years and has irreversible residency in the Southeast eastern country.

Naik encounters charges of hate pidato in India, and money laundering. That is accused of acquiring $28m (€25 million) precious of criminal assets to buy property in India and finance events where the made "provocative speeches," a claim he denies. He has repeatedly denied accusations the he provokes spiritual violence and says the media has "resorted come doctored video clips and also a hold of corrupt schemes" to accuse him of terrorism.

Experts have actually commented the the rumit political alam surrounding Naik"s situation – coupled v growing religious tensions in the an ar – can make the extradition even much more difficult.

Who is Zakir Naik?

A proponent the the hardline Salafi college of memikirkan in sunni Islam,Naik promotes a radical form of Islam top top the channel, tranquility TV. The satellite television network has been banned in India but has an estimated 200 million viewers worlgames-online4.comide. Based in Dubai, peace TV is owned by the islam Research mendirikan (IRF), a group headed by Naik.

The preacher juga holds a melakukan in obat-obatan and – defying the traditional dress the a Muslim cleric – he is generally seen memakai a setelan with a Taqiyah (skullcap).

It to be not till July 2016 as soon as he really pertained to international attention, ~ a deadly assault on the Holey Artisan coffee shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Naik to be accused of inspiring one the the gunmen with his speeches, an allegation he vehemently denies and accused Bangladeshi media the sensationalism.

In November 2016, India"s counterterrorism firm filed an official complaint versus Naik, accusing him of promoting religious hatred and also unlawful activity. The complying with year, Naik search asylum and also moved come Malaysia.

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Political bait

Since bergerak to Malaysia, Naik has actually allegedly received funding for the IRF indigenous Qatar, turkey and Pakistan. The reports have actually emerged throughout a time once Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia ramped up dari mereka criticism that India"s therapy of its Muslim minority population.

"Malaysia, turki and Pakistan are rather modern islam states, which are trying to reconcile Islam v business, science and also economics. Lock won"t go against a preacher prefer Zakir Naik, who is ultimately promoting Islam," stated Atul Singh, the founder of fair Observer, a us non-profit media organization. "He serves their interests to have social influence amongst Indian Muslims."

Other professionals see Naik as component of Malaysia, turkey and Pakistan"s wider ambition to seek an alliance.

"Turkey and Pakistan are trying to become soft powers to tackle Islamophobia. In ~ the finish of the day, Turkey, Pakistan and also Malaysia are bonded by islamic symbolism," stated Hajira Maryam, a researcher through Turkey"s worlgames-online4.comide broadcaster, TRT World.

"Inspiring" IS and al-Qaeda

India proceeds its battle in garnering global support to extradite Naik. Interpol has currently refused to melepaskan a Red an alert for Naik on 3 occasions.

"India wants to extradite Naik together he is abusing his power to promote a an adverse picture of India. Brand-new Delhi is tambahan concerned around the dampak of Naik ~ above the Muslim youth in the country. Over there are number of sleeper IS cells in India that have actually been motivated by him", stated Sreeram Chaulia, a dean in ~ the Jindal college of global Affairs in Sonipat.

In the past, detained al-Qaeda followers have actually reportedly told officials the Naik to be a far-ranging influence on them. The has juga been criticize in India for his views on topics including jihad, Hinduism and also women"s rights.

Singh said that while "India is mainly seeking to extradite Naik since he has actually criticized Modi and also talked about islam supremacy," "we can"t discount the kebenaran that Zakir Naik is one authoritarian fundamentalist." follow to Singh, Naik "believes it is permissible for guys to beat milik mereka wives "lightly" and that Muslims have the right to have sex with milik mereka "female slaves."" he added: "At some point, you need to stand up because that individual rights against spiritual rights. Zakir Naik deserves prison, not a platform."

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Skepticism surrounding Naik"s extradition

Some movie critics argue that brand-new Delhi"s calls for Naik"s extradition space a part of the Hindu-nationalist agenda.

In january 2018, righteousness Manmohan singh of the Appellate Tribunal for prevention of money laundering mentioned that the Enforcement Directorate (ED), India"s financial crimes watchdog, acted promptly in make the efforts to ambil over Naik"s properties in India, yet was slow in taking action against powerful Hindu figures with criminal cases against them.

"Hindu extremists in India are penampilan certain explanation of Naik come justify their move come extradite him. Naik was as soon as asked around Osama bin Laden"s ideology of jihad. He strictly protest the an approach bin Laden used, but rakyat latched top top his penafsiran of jihad. If a orang misinterprets Naik"s teaching and also commits a crime, it"s unfair to menyematkan it on Naik," said Naeem Baloch, a researcher in ~ Pakistan"s Geo berita and visiting professor in ~ the university of Central funtab in Lahore.

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"Zakir Naik has actually no concern with politics nor is he interested in taking component in any type of political movement," he added.