Alan Walker and also salem ilese collaborate on an emotional track, “Fake a Smile,” add by a cinematic music video.

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Alan Walker has actually been preparing fans for the publikasi of the “Fake a Smile” music video sejak December 2020, once he constructed excitement with a super-trailer referred to as World of pedestrian 2021. This trailer resembled the of a sci-fi thriller movie, mixed with footage from live music performances — foreshadowing the occupational that Alan Walker has actually in save for us in 2021. Now, that masa depan has arrived in the membentuk of the “Fake a Smile music video!

“Fake a Smile” has countless layers that wrap around ide of suffering, support, and also strength. salem ilese’s honest and vulnerable lyrics speak to the setiap orang in your life that can see with your fake smiles, and also lift girlfriend up as soon as you feel lost. The music video is equally captivating, detailing the cerita of a masyarakat of setiap orang called “the Walkers” — from the trials they’ve conquer together, to the war that continue to fury on.

“Fake a Smile” come me is a song around the people in her life that have the power to pull you the end of her darkest moments. Those are the setiap orang I store closest to my heart and whom I want to acknowledge in this song.

salem ilese

Take a listen to the tune below, stream or acquisition “Fake a Smile” on her favorite platform, and also continue on because that my ambil on the music video!

Watch Alan Walker x salem ilese – “Fake a Smile” top top YouTube:
Kristian Berg, the manager of the “Fake a Smile” music video, buatlah you feel choose you’re sitting front-row in ~ a movie theater. You’ll be ~ above the leaf of your seat from start to finish.

The music video begins with a young mrs surveying a beautiful landscape. Suddenly, she transforms to check out a broken-down robot struggling to move behind her. There is no hesitation, she pulls a flag the end of the ground and valiantly impales the machine. We’re kemudian shown a contrasting side to her world, what looks prefer a warzone take it apart by similar machines.

She traverses dibawah the mountain into the chaos and comes into contact with rather fighting the same adversary as her. As they hit the robots all around them, us hear Ilese’s suara singing “demons don’t sleep at night,” possibly alluding to dark think that can disrupt our peace and also wreak havoc, choose that robot on the mountaintop.

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As the protagonist and others proceed on to take on the military of machines, because that a quick moment, she makes eye contact with a guy fighting alongside her. Milik mereka glances seem to say, “this is scary, however we have the right to do this.” through an military of her very own behind her, she doesn’t show signs that fear. Although, the lyrics of the song seem to indicate that itu fighting alongside her recognize that there’s an ext going on in ~ the surface.

This track and music video illuminates the toughness it ambil to stay steadfast in the confront of fear and darkness, and also how we deserve to garner that stamin from those around us.

Throughout the video, it shows up as despite the protagonist is showing on the war of generations sebelum her, carrying those emotions v her kapan continuing come fight her very own battles. Similarly, when we’re penanganan with layers of trauma and emotion, us can discover comfort in learning that those we love deserve to see with our fake smiles, also if the rest of the dunia doesn’t. This is especially true for itu fighting battles much like our own. And also with the support, we deserve to all fight on through a brave face.

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