If you’re new to the BTS ARMY, welcome. Uneven a most boy bands, BTS regularly shares message with dari mereka fans on masyarakat media. Periodically that’s melihat Weverse or periodically it’s lihat Twitter. What are the BTS members’ Twitter accounts? carry out they also have separate Twitter accounts? Here’s apa we know.

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Weverse is an application that allows fans communicate with BTS

If you want to chat will BTS directly, Weverse is your ideal bet. This applications is a “community platform created fans,” where some pita members have separate accounts. That includes BTS, but also K-pop groups like morning X together and GFRIEND. Members that these groups often share updates and also comment on blog post from fans.

When BTS walk on dari mereka “period the rest and relaxation,” Namjoon, tambahan known by his phase name RM, common that he’s “Namjooning.” virtually instantly, the word trended on other masyarakat media platforms, fans enjoying anda interaction. He juga comforted a fan when by saying he doesn’t have actually a driver’s license. Therefore yeah, the boys room pretty aktif on Weverse. This applications is also separate native BTS World, which is a phone video game featuring the guys of BTS.


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BTS perform onstage throughout the 2019 Billboard Music Awards | photograph by Kevin Winter/Getty photos for dcp

Still, BTS common a many of maafkan saya they’re act via text, videos, and pictures ~ above Twitter

Just due to the fact that BTS melakukan not have separate Twitter accounts melakukan not mean the boys don’t often share updates and tweets v fans. At any time a team member has a birthday, the others ambil to Twitter, sharing their favorite pictures and also well wishes. Often, their tweets walk viral, part earning over a million likes indigenous the BTS Army.

Albeit rare, the BTS boys occasionally reply to other Twitter users penampilan the group’s account. One time, V shared some the his favorite work-related from renowned photographers. When itu photographers commented, thanking him for the recognition, that course, V responded. Callum Snape comment on V’s tweet, saying, “Come come Canada and also I’ll show you some bears, deer, moose, beavers!”

“Korean see is juga very nice. I hope you have a opportunity to bawa pulang the snapshot of it,” V replied. The guys have also shared videos during and after live performances, sharing maafkan saya the concert looks choose from anda perspective.

Music through BTS, including Map of the Soul: Persona, is accessible on Spotify, to apologize Music, and paling streaming platforms.