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One Subheadline: Iwan Fals, Noah, Nidji. Geisha, D"masiv intuitive Signs: Iwan Fals icon and pita personnel Noah, Nidji, Geisha, and D"masiv. Logo Musica Studio"s located in the peak right corner, as well as a prize of red and putih color for the country of Indonesia is cautions the flag of the State that Indonesia is affluent in meaning.

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Cover the album using cardboard paper printed square (12 centimeter x 12 cm) through red and white compact disc.Background dimension with polygonal sample that membentuk three dimensions seperti as rough surface, The typeface digunakan is Sans Serif in white. Symbols use neutral colored batik clothes (black, white, gray, brown). SATU is the latest album and a large project of Iwan Fals musicians v NOAH, NIDJI, GEISHA and d"Masiv featuring 10 songs, tahun of which are songs hits Iwan Fals choose "The Forgotten" feat NOAH, "combat aircraft" feat Nidji, either "feat D"Masiv and" permit Me Chant friend "feat Geisha. And lima new songs are "The Penerka" feat NOAH, "Great Life" feat Nidji, "Only" feat D"Masiv and "Unbalance" feat Geisha. And also one brand-new song titled "Abadi" and "Kemesraan" performed by Iwan Fals collaborate v Ariel, Ryan, Giring and also Momo. Paling contain lagu that criticize the haters and also romance. The konsep of this album is bhinneka Tunggal Ika i m sorry is the motto or the motto of the Indonesian country as fine as has the implicit meaning of unity and unity the the nation and the Unitary State of the Republic that Indonesia consists of various cultures, language ​​daera, race, ethnicity, religion and belief. In addition to collaborations with optimal bands of ground water, this album juga presents music producer Steve Lillywhite known as a producer who carried the surname of U2 even menang 6 Grammy Awards. While the debut single is favored as the mainstay is a track titled "Abadi" development Iwan Fals is juga sung all the vocalist. Cover album "ONE" supplies dynamic composition and also is pack in a modern style, an easy but luxurious design visualization v icon and background display. Album cover style measuring 12cm x 12 centimeter is melihat dynamic composition. The composition of the letters offers the impression the solid, calm, and neutral. The impression is a enjoy of the behavior of each personnel who selalu work through all my heart, the songs are created and also sung is an extremely popular and always get a place of hearted Indonesian people. The typeface used is Sans Serif, has the very same bold and also unrelated characters. Its visibility is an extremely easy to read, for this reason the target goal is straightforward to understand and also understand, apa message is delivered. Illustrations that are iconic shown with digital techniques the mix media photography. Background Polygonal red and white that became the flag that the State of Indonesia, offering the definition of clean, strong, dashing, and courageous. In the covering of the album, all personnel who menjadi icons penampilan batik costume. Deserve to be bring away the meaning of connotation, the we room expected to be proactive in transmitting the appreciation of kebudayan and also national identity, and also can be a pioneer the unity and unity of the Indonesian Nation. Based on linguistik signs and also visual alerts, we can retrieve messages and an interpretation from the code provided. Follow to Umberto Eco in his book Theory of Semiotics, password is a collection of rules the make the mark as a concrete illustration in the communication system (Eco, 1976: 2). Thus, codes room a socially agreed way of combine socially acceptable signal to permit one article to be yielded from one person to another. In this context, codes used include the stare (proairentic) password by Roland Barthes in his publication S / Z is claimed to be a password containing stories, sequences, actions, antinars.Seen from the title that read "ONE", provides the spirit of unity and unity.

The visual code of the narration included in the visual sign is a red and putih baclground cover. Shade terrsebut is the flag color of Indonesia the is percaya to have a hopeful stimulant in the membentuk of wisdom, kebangitan, strength, and also courage. Every the iconic personnel are aus dan sobek batik costumes and also displaying joyful facial expressions and standing with anda own style. Thus, increasingly shows the Indonesian culture and identity. The an interpretation of connotation that have the right to be bring away is the we space expected to be proactive and with a happy heart to spread out the evaluation of culture and national identity, and proud the its own culture so the it can ini adalah the pioneer of unity and also unity the the Indonesian Nation.

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Native the evaluation based on lisan marks and visual marks contained in this album cover deserve to be attracted the conclusion the there is a close partnership between lisan signs and visual signals. Both room complementary so regarding give the an interpretation of unity and unity.