Terjemahan/Arti surah An Nisaa batin Bahasa Inggris. Surah yang ke-4 batin Al Qur’an dan terdiri dari 176 ayat.

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4:1 O mankind! Be mindful of her duty to her Lord Who produced you from a solitary soul and from it produced its mate and also from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude the men and women. Be cautious of her duty toward Allah in whom ye claim (your rights) the one another, and toward the wombs (that ceiling you). Lo! Allah hath been a watcher over you.4:2 offer unto orphans milik mereka wealth. Exchange not the great for the poor (in your administration thereof) no one absorb dari mereka wealth into your own wealth. Lo! that would certainly be a an excellent sin.4:3 and also if ye are afraid that ye will not deal relatively by the orphans, get married of the women, who seem an excellent to you, 2 or 3 or four; and also if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to for this reason many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right milik possess. Hence it is an ext likely that ye will certainly not execute injustice.4:4 and give depend the ladies (whom ye marry) cost-free gift of dari mereka marriage portions; yet if they of milik mereka own accord remit unto you a component thereof, then ye are welcome to menyerap it (in her wealth).4:5 provide not depend the foolish (what is in) your (keeping that their) wealth, which Allah hath offered you come maintain; however feed and also clothe them native it, and also speak kindly depend them.4:6 Prove orphans till they with the marriageable age; then, if ye discover them that sound judgment, provide over unto them their fortune; and also devour it no by squandering and in haste lest they should flourish up Whoso (of the guardians) is rich, let the abstain generously (from acquisition of the building of orphans); and whoso is bad let him untuk mengambil thereof in reason (for his guardianship). And also when ye supply up milik mereka fortune depend orphans, have (the transaction) observed in dari mereka presence. Allah sufficeth together a Reckoner.4:7 depend the men (of a family) belongeth a share of the which parents and also near kindred leave, and also unto the women a share of the which parents and also near kindred leave, whether it be tiny or much – a legal share.4:8 and when kinsfolk and also orphans and the needy are existing at the division (of the heritage), bestow on lock therefrom and also speak kindly depend them.4:9 and also let those fear (in their behaviour toward orphans) who if lock left behind castle weak offspring would certainly be afraid because that them. Therefore let them mind dari mereka duty come Allah, and also speak justly.4:10 Lo! those who devour the wealth of orphans wrongfully, they do however swallow fire into their bellies, and also they will certainly be exposed to burn flame.4:11 Allah chargeth you concerning (the supplication for) her children: to the masculine the identical of the part of 2 females, and if over there be women much more than two, then theirs is two-thirds the the inheritance, and also if over there be one (only) then the half. And to each of his parental a 6th of the inheritance, if he have a son; and also if he have no son and also his parents are his heirs, kemudian to his mommy appertaineth the third; and if he have actually brethren, kemudian to his mother appertaineth the sixth, after any kind of legacy that may have actually bequeathed, or utang (hath to be paid). Your parents and also your children: Ye understand not which of lock is nearer depend you in usefulness. That is one injunction native Allah. Lo! Allah is Knower, Wise.4:12 and also unto girlfriend belongeth a fifty percent of that which her wives leave, if they have no child; yet if they have a child kemudian unto you the 4th of the which lock leave, after any kind of legacy lock may have bequeathed, or debt (they may have contracted, hath to be paid). And also unto lock belongeth the 4th of the which ye leaving if ye have no child, yet if ye have a child kemudian the eighth of that which ye leave, after any kind of legacy ye may have bequeathed, or hutang (ye may have contracted, hath been paid). And if a man or a woman have actually a distant heir (having left neither parent nor child), and he (or she) have actually a brother or a sister (only top top the mother’s side) kemudian to each of them two (the brother and the sister) the sixth, and also if lock be an ext than two, kemudian they kandil be sharers in the third, after any kind of legacy that may have actually been bequeathed or utang (contracted) not injuring (the heirs by ready away much more than a third of the heritage) hath been paid. A commandment native Allah. Allah is Knower, Indulgent.4:13 These are the borders (imposed by) Allah. Whoso obeyeth Allah and His messenger, He will make him get in Gardens under which rivers flow, where kemudian will dwell for ever. That will certainly be the an excellent success.4:14 and also whoso disobeyeth Allah and also His messenger and transgresseth His limits, He will certainly make him enter Fire, wherein he will dwell for ever; his will certainly be a shameful doom.4:15 together for itu of your females who space guilty of lewdness, call to witness 4 of you against them. And if lock testify (to the kebenaran of the allegation) then confine them to the residences until death take them or (until) Allah appoint for castle a method (through new legislation).4:16 and as because that the two of friend who space guilty thereof, punish them both. And also if they repent and also improve, kemudian let lock be. Lo! Allah is ever before relenting, Merciful.4:17 Forgiveness is only incumbent ~ above Allah toward itu who carry out evil in ignorance (and) kemudian turn easily (in repentance) to Allah. These are they toward whom Allah relenteth. Allah is ever Knower, Wise.4:18 The forgiveness is not for itu who execute ill-deeds until, when fatality attendeth upon one of them, he saith: Lo! ns repent now; nor yet for those who die ketika they room disbelievers. For sebagai We have actually prepared a pains doom.4:19 O ye that believe! it is no lawful for you forcibly come inherit the women (of her deceased kinsmen), no one (that) ye should put constraint upon them that ye may ambil away a part of the which ye have given them, uneven they it is in guilty the flagrant lewdness. But consort with them in kindness, for if ye hate them the may occur that ye dislike a thing wherein Allah hath placed much good.4:20 and also if ye wish to exchange one mam for lagi and ye have offered unto among them a amount of money (however great), take nothing native it. Would certainly ye take it through the means of calumny and open wrong?4:21 How deserve to ye bawa pulang it (back) after among you hath unable to do in unto the other, and they have taken a solid pledge indigenous you?4:22 and marry not itu women whom her fathers married, except apa hath already happened (of the nature) in the past. Lo! it was ever lewdness and also abomination, and an angry way.4:23 Forbidden unto you space your mothers, and also your daughters, and also your sisters, and your father’s sisters, and your mother’s sisters, and also your brother’s daughters and your sister’s daughters, and also your foster-mothers, and also your foster-sisters, and your mothers-in-law, and your step-daughters who are under your protection (born) the your females unto who ye have gone in – yet if ye have actually not unable to do in unto them, kemudian it is no sin because that you (to marry dari mereka daughters) – and also the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins. And also (it is forbidden depend you) that ye should have actually two sisters together, except what hath already happened (of the nature) in the past. Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.4:24 and all married females (are forbidden depend you) save those (captives) whom her right hands possess. The is a decree the Allah because that you. Lawful depend you are all beyond itu mentioned, so the ye seek them through your properti in ethical wedlock, no debauchery. And itu of who ye seek isi (by marrying them), give unto them anda portions as a duty. And also there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual commitment after the duty (hath been done). Lo! Allah is ever before Knower, Wise.4:25 and also whoso is no able to afford to marry free, believing women, let them marry native the believing maids whom your right milik possess. Allah knoweth best (concerning) her faith. Ye (proceed) one indigenous another; for this reason wed lock by permission of milik mereka folk, and also give depend them their portions in kindness, they gift honest, no debauched no one of loose conduct. And if as soon as they space honourably married lock commit lewdness they dimaksudkan untuk incur the fifty percent of the penalty (prescribed) for cost-free women (in that case). This is because that him amongst you that feareth to commit sin. But to have patience would certainly be much better for you. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.4:26 Allah would explain to you and guide girlfriend by the instances of those who were before you, and would rotate to girlfriend in mercy. Allah is Knower, Wise.4:27 and Allah would turn to girlfriend in mercy; but those who monitor vain desire would have you go greatly astray.4:28 Allah would certainly make the burden light because that you, for male was created weak.4:29 O ye that believe! Squander not your properti among yourselves in vanity, except it it is in a trade by shared consent, and kill no one another. Lo! Allah is ever Merciful depend you.4:30 Whoso doeth that v aggression and also injustice, we akan cast him into Fire, and that is ever easy for Allah.4:31 If ye prevent the good (things) i beg your pardon ye room forbidden, We will remit from you your evil deeds and also make you get in at a noble gate.4:32 and covet not the thing in i beg your pardon Allah afoot made several of you excel others. Unto males a fortune from the which they have earned, and unto ladies a fortune from the which they have actually earned. (Envy no one another) however ask Allah the His bounty. Lo! Allah is ever Knower of every things.4:33 and also unto each We have actually appointed heirs of the which parents and also near kindred leave; and also as for itu with whom your right milik have made a covenant, provide them dari mereka due. Lo! Allah is ever Witness over all things.4:34 men are in fee of women, due to the fact that Allah hath do the one of them to excel the other, and also because they spend of milik mereka property (for the support of women). So an excellent women room the obedient, guarding in secret that i m sorry Allah on foot guarded. Together for itu from who ye are afraid rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and also scourge them. Kemudian if they obey you, look for not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.4:35 and also if ye fear a breach between them twain (the man and also wife), appoint an arbiter from his folk and also an arbiter from her folk. If they desire modification Allah will make lock of one mind. Lo! Allah is ever Knower, Aware.4:36 and also serve Allah. Ascribe no point as partner unto Him. (Show) kindness depend parents, and also unto close to kindred, and also orphans, and the needy, and also unto the neighbour who is the kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is no of kin, and also the fellow-traveller and the wayfarer and also (the slaves) whom your right milik possess. Lo! Allah loveth not kemudian as room proud and also boastful,4:37 who hoard dari mereka wealth and enjoin avarice on others, and also hide the which Allah afoot bestowed upon lock of His bounty. For disbelievers we prepare a shameful doom;4:38 and also (also) itu who spend milik mereka wealth in order come be viewed of men, and believe not in Allah no one the terakhir Day. Whoso taketh Satan because that a comrade, a negative comrade on foot he.4:39 maafkan saya have they (to fear) if they think in Allah and also the terakhir Day and also spend (aright) of the which Allah hath bestowed top top them, when Allah is ever conscious of lock (and all they do)?4:40 Lo! Allah wrongeth not even of the weight of an ant; and if over there is a an excellent deed, the will dobel it and also will give (the doer) native His existence an tremendous reward.4:41 however how (will it be with them) when We lug of every people a witness, and We carry thee (O Muhammad) a witness versus these?4:42 On that day itu who disbelieved and also disobeyed the messenger will certainly wish that they menjadi level v the ground, and they have the right to hide no kebenaran from Allah.4:43 O ye that believe! draw not close to unto prayer once ye are drunken, it spins ye recognize that i beg your pardon ye utter, nor when ye room polluted, save as soon as journeying upon the road, it rotates ye have bathed. And if ye it is in ill, or on a journey, or one of you cometh native the closet, or ye have actually touched women, and also ye discover not water, kemudian go to high clean soil and rub her faces and also your tangan (therewith). Lo! Allah is Benign, Forgiving.4:44 Seest thou not itu unto who a section of the scripture hath been given, how they acquisition error, and also seek to do you (Muslims) err indigenous the appropriate way?4:45 Allah knoweth finest (who are) your enemies. Allah is adequate as a Guardian, and Allah is adequate as a Supporter.4:46 part of those who space Jews change words from milik mereka context and say: “We hear and disobey; listen thou as one that heareth not” and also “Listen come us!” distortion with milik mereka tongues and slandering religion. If they had actually said: “We hear and we obey: hear thou, and also look at us” it had been better for them, and an ext upright. Yet Allah hath cursed castle for milik mereka disbelief, therefore they think not, save a few.4:47 O ye depend whom the scripture hath been given! think in what We have actually revealed confirming that which ye possess, sebelum We destroy countenances so regarding confound them, or curse them as We cursed the Sabbath-breakers (of old time). The commandment the Allah is always executed.4:48 Lo! Allah forgiveth not that a partner need to be ascribed unto Him. He forgiveth (all) save that to whom He will. Whoso ascribeth partner to Allah, he hath indeed invented a remarkable sin.4:49 besides thou not seen itu who praise themselves for purity? Nay, Allah purifieth whom He will, and they will not be wronged also the hair upon a date-stone.4:50 See, just how they create lies about Allah! the of karakter itu is flagrant sin.4:51 aside from that thou no seen itu unto whom a portion of the scripture hath been given, exactly how they believe in idols and also false deities, and how they say of itu (idolaters) who disbelieve: “These are much more rightly guided than those who believe”?4:52 itu are they who Allah hath cursed, and he whom Allah hath cursed, you (O Muhammad) wilt uncover for him no helper.4:53 Or have they even a posting ulang in the Sovereignty? kemudian in that case, they would not give mankind even the speck top top a date-stone.4:54 Or space they jealous of mankind because of that which Allah the His bounty hath bestowed ~ above them? For we bestowed top top the house of Abraham (of old) the Scripture and also wisdom, and also We bestowed on castle a mighty kingdom.4:55 and of them were (some) who percaya therein and of them dulu (some) who turned away from it. Hell is enough for (their) burning.4:56 Lo! those who disbelieve our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as milik mereka skins space consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever before Mighty, Wise.4:57 and also as for those who believe and do an excellent works, We shall make them enter Gardens underneath which rivers circulation – to dwell therein because that ever; there because that them space pure companions – and We shall make them get in plenteous shade.4:58 Lo! Allah commandeth you the ye regain deposits to their owners, and, if ye judge in between mankind, that ye judge justly. Lo! comely is this which Allah admonisheth you. Lo! Allah is ever before Hearer, Seer.4:59 O ye that believe! follow Allah, and also obey the messenger and itu of girlfriend who space in authority; and if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it come Allah and the messenger if ye space (in truth) loyalty in Allah and the last Day. That is far better and much more seemly in the end.4:60 aside from that thou not seen itu who pretend the they think in the which is revealed depend thee and also that which was revealed before thee, exactly how they would certainly go for referee (in dari mereka disputes) come false deities when they have actually been ordered to abjure them? Satan would mislead them far astray.4:61 and also when it is said unto them: Come depend that which Allah on foot revealed and also unto the messenger, she seest the hypocrites revolve from thee through aversion.4:62 just how would it be if a misfortune smote them since of the which anda own milik have sent sebelum (them)? kemudian would lock come unto thee, swearing through Allah the they were seeking naught yet harmony and also kindness.4:63 those are they, the secrets of whose hearts Allah knoweth. So oppose them and admonish them, and deal with them in plain terms about milik mereka souls.4:64 We sent out no messenger conserve that he need to be obeyed through Allah’s leave. And if, when they had wronged themselves, lock had however come depend thee and also asked forgiveness that Allah, and asked forgiveness the the messenger, they would have discovered Allah Forgiving, Merciful.4:65 but nay, by your Lord, they will certainly not think (in truth) until they make thee judge of maafkan saya is in dispute between them and also find in ~ themselves no dislike of that which you decidest, and submit with jenuh submission.4:66 and if We had decreed because that them: Lay dibawah your kehidupan or walk forth from her dwellings, but couple of of lock would have done it; though if castle did what they are exhorted to carry out it would certainly be far better for them, and an ext strengthening;4:67 And kemudian We need to bestow upon them native Our existence an enormous reward,4:68 and also should overview them unto a directly path.4:69 Whoso obeyeth Allah and the messenger, they are with itu unto whom Allah hath shown favour, of the prophets and the saints and the martyrs and the righteous. The ideal of agency are they!4:70 the is bounty indigenous Allah, and Allah sufficeth together Knower.4:71 O ye who believe! take your precautions, kemudian advance the proven ones, or advance all together.4:72 Lo! among you there is he who loitereth; and also if disaster overtook you, he would say: Allah hath to be gracious depend me since I to be not present with them.4:73 and if a bounty indigenous Allah befell you, he would certainly surely cry, as if there had been no love between you and him: Oh, would certainly that I had been with them, kemudian should i have achieved a good success!4:74 Let those fight in the way of Allah who offer the life the this dunia for the other. Whoso fighteth in the method of Allah, it is in he slain or be he victorious, on the We dimaksudkan untuk bestow a vast reward.4:75 exactly how should ye no fight for the cause of Allah and also of the feeble amongst men and also of the women and also the kids who room crying: our Lord! carry us soon from the end this kota of i beg your pardon the setiap orang are oppressors! Oh, offer us native thy visibility some protecting friend! Oh, provide us indigenous Thy presence some defender!4:76 itu who think do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do fight for the reason of idols. So fight the minions that the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak.4:77 hast thou no seen those unto whom it to be said: Withhold her hands, create worship and pay the poordue, however when fighting to be prescribed because that them behold! a party of castle fear umat ​​manusia even as their fear of Allah or with lebih tinggi fear, and say: ours Lord! Why hast thou ordained fighting for us? If just Thou wouldst offer us respite however a while! speak (unto them, O Muhammad): The lull of this dunia is scant; the Hereafter will certainly be far better for him that wardeth off (evil); and also ye will not it is in wronged the dibawah upon a date-stone.4:78 Wheresoever ye might be, death will overtake you, even though ye were in lofty towers. Yet if a happy thing befalleth lock they say: This is indigenous Allah; and also if one evil thing befalleth castle they say: This is of her doing (O Muhammad). To speak (unto them): all is indigenous Allah. Maafkan saya is amiss v these orang that castle come no nigh to understand a happening?4:79 everything of great befalleth thee (O man) it is native Allah, and also whatever of okay befalleth thee that is from thyself. We have sent thee (Muhammad) together a messenger unto kemanusiaan and Allah is enough as Witness.4:80 Whoso obeyeth the messenger hath obeyed Allah, and also whoso turneth away: We have actually not sent thee together a warder over them.4:81 and also they say: (It is) obedience; however when they have gone soon from thee a party that them spend the night in planning various other than apa thou sayest. Allah recordeth maafkan saya they plan by night. So protest them and also put thy to trust in Allah. Allah is sufficient as Trustee.4:82 will certainly they not kemudian ponder ~ above the Qur’an? If it had been from various other than Allah they would have discovered therein much incongruity.4:83 and if any tidings, even if it is of security or fear, come depend them, lock noise that abroad, conversely, if they had referred it to the messenger and also to such of castle as room in authority, those among castle who are able come think the end the matter would have actually known it. If it had actually not been because that the anggun of Allah top top you and also His mercy ye would have complied with Satan, conserve a few (of you).4:84 for this reason fight (O Muhammad) in the method of Allah you art not taxed (with the obligation for anyone) except thyself – and also urge top top the believers. Peradventure Allah will certainly restrain the might of those who disbelieve. Allah is more powerful in might and also stronger in inflicting punishment.4:85 Whoso interveneth in a great cause will have actually the price thereof, and also whoso interveneth in an evil reason will bear the an effect thereof. Allah overseeth all things.4:86 as soon as ye space greeted through a greeting, greet ye v a far better than the or return it. Lo! Allah taketh count of all things.4:87 Allah! there is no Allah save Him. The gathereth friend all unto a work of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt. Who is much more true in statement than Allah?4:88 apa aileth you that ye are akan two parties about the hypocrites, once Allah cast them bagian belakang (to disbelief) since of what they earned? seek ye to overview him whom Allah hath sent out astray? He who Allah sendeth astray, because that him she (O MUhammad) canst not discover a road.4:89 They long that ye need to disbelieve also as castle disbelieve, that ye may be upon a tingkat (with them). So pick not friends native them till lock forsake dari mereka homes in the method of Allah; if lock turn bagian belakang (to enmity) then ambil them and kill them where ye discover them, and choose no girlfriend nor pembantu from amongst them,4:90 Except those who look for refuge through a people between whom and also you over there is a covenant, or (those who) come unto you because anda hearts forbid them to make war on friend or make war on dari mereka own folk. Had actually Allah willed He could have offered them strength over you so the assuredly they would have dealt with you. So, if they hold aloof from you and wage no war against you and also offer you peace, Allah alloweth you no method against them.4:91 Ye will find others who desire that they should have actually security indigenous you, and security from their own folk. So often as castle are went back to hostility they are plunged therein. If they save not aloof from you nor offer you peace nor hold milik mereka hands, then ambil them and also kill them wherever ye find them. Against sebagai We have offered you clean warrant.4:92 it is not for a believer to death a believer uneven (it be) by mistake. He that hath killed a believer by mistake must set complimentary a believing slave, and pay the blood-money come the family of the slain, uneven they remit it together a charity. If that (the victim) it is in of a orang hostile unto you, and he is a believer, kemudian (the penance is) to set complimentary a believing slave. And also if the cometh that a folk in between whom and you there is a covenant, kemudian the blood-money have to be paid depend his folk and also (also) a believing slave should be set free. And also whoso hath not the wherewithal must fast two consecutive months. A penance native Allah. Allah is Knower, Wise.4:93 Whoso slayeth a believer of collection purpose, his prize is hell because that ever. Allah is wroth against him and also He afoot cursed him and also prepared because that him an awful doom.4:94 O ye who believe! as soon as ye walk forth (to fight) in the method of Allah, be mindful to discriminate, and say no unto one who offereth friend peace: “Thou art not a believer,” seek the opportunity profits of this life (so the ye might despoil him). V Allah are plenteous spoils. Even thus (as he now is) were ye before; yet Allah hath since kemudian been gracious depend you. Therefore bawa pulang care to discriminate. Allah is ever Informed of what ye do.4:95 those of the believers who sit still, various other than itu who have a (disabling) hurt, are not on one equality with itu who strive in the way of Allah with dari mereka wealth and lives. Allah hath conferred on itu who strive with their wealth and lives a rank above the sedentary. Unto each Allah afoot promised good, however He afoot bestowed on those who strive a an excellent reward above the sedentary;4:96 levels of location from Him, and forgiveness and also mercy. Allah is ever before Forgiving, Merciful.4:97 Lo! as for those whom the angels take (in death) kapan they wrong themselves, (the angels) will ask: In what were ye engaged? They will say: We menjadi oppressed in the land. (The angels) will certainly say: Was no Allah’s earth spacious that ye could have moved therein? as for such, dari mereka habitation will certainly be hell, an angry journey’s end;4:98 except the feeble among men, and the women, and also the children, who room unable come devise a plan and room not displayed a way.4:99 as for such, it might be the Allah will certainly pardon them. Allah is ever Clement, Forgiving.4:100 Whoso migrateth because that the cause of Allah will uncover much refuge and also abundance in the earth, and whoso forsaketh his home, a fugitive unto Allah and also His messenger, and also death overtaketh him, his prize is then incumbent top top Allah. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.4:101 and when ye walk forth in the land, it is no sin for you come curtail (your) praise if ye fear that those who disbelieve may assault you. In kebenaran the disbelievers room an open opponent to you.4:102 and also when thou (O Muhammad) art among them and arrangest (their) prayer for them, let just a party of them stand through thee (to worship) and let them take their arms. Then when they have actually performed their prostrations permit them loss to the rear and let lainnya party come the hath no worshipped and also let castle worship v thee, and let them bawa pulang their precaution and dari mereka arms. Itu who disbelieve long for girlfriend to neglect your arms and your baggage the they may strike you when for all. The is no sin because that you to lay aside your arms, if rain impedeth friend or ye are sick. But ambil your precaution. Lo! Allah prepareth for the disbelievers shameful punishment.4:103 as soon as ye have performed the plot of worship, psychic Allah, standing, sitting and reclining. And also when ye are in safety, observe ideal worship. Worship at fixed waktu hath to be enjoined on the believers.4:104 Relent not in pursuit of the enemy. If ye space suffering, lo! castle suffer also as ye suffer and ye mengharapkan from Allah that for which they cannot hope. Allah is ever Knower, Wise.4:105 Lo! We disclose unto thee the Scripture v the truth, the thou mayst judge between kemanusiaan by that which Allah showeth thee. And be not thou a pleader for the treacherous;4:106 and also seek forgiveness of Allah. Lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.4:107 and plead no on behalf of (people) who deceive themselves. Lo! Allah loveth no one that is treacherous and also sinful.4:108 They seek to hide indigenous men and seek not to hide native Allah. He is through them as soon as by night they organize discourse displeasing unto Him. Allah ever surroundeth what they do.4:109 Ho! ye are they that pleaded because that them in the life of the world. However who will certainly plead with Allah for them ~ above the job of Resurrection, or that will kemudian be dari mereka defender?4:110 yet whoso doeth angry or wrongeth his own soul, then seeketh pardon the Allah, will discover Allah Forgiving, Merciful.4:111 Whoso committeth sin committeth that only against himself. Allah is ever before Knower, Wise.4:112 and whoso committeth a delinquency or crime, kemudian throweth (the blame) thereof ~ above the innocent, hath burdened himself v falsehood and also a flagrant crime.4:113 but for the grace of Allah top top thee (Muhammad), and also His mercy, a party that them had resolved to mislead thee, but they will mislead just themselves and also they will hurt thee no at all. Allah revealeth depend thee the Scripture and also wisdom, and teacheth thee that which you knewest not. The keanggunan of Allah toward thee hath to be infinite.4:114 over there is no great in much of dari mereka secret conferences save (in) him who enjoineth almsgiving and also kindness and peace-making amongst the people. Whoso doeth that, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, We akan bestow on the a large reward.4:115 and whoso opposeth the messenger after ~ the accuse (of Allah) hath been shown up unto him, and followeth various other than the believer’s way, We choose for the that depend which he self hath turned, and also expose him depend hell – a hapless journey’s end!4:116 Lo! Allah pardoneth no that partners should be ascribed depend Him. He pardoneth all save that to whom He will. Whoso ascribeth partners depend Allah hath wandered far astray.4:117 lock invoke in His stead only females; they pray come none else 보다 Satan, a rebel4:118 who Allah cursed, and he said: Surely ns will ambil of thy bondmen one appointed portion,4:119 and surely I will certainly lead them astray, and surely I will arouse desire in them, and also surely I will command them and they will reduced the cattle’ ears, and surely I will command them and also they will adjust Allah’s creation. Whoso chooseth Satan for a patron instead of Allah is verily a loser and also his lose is manifest.4:120 he promiseth them and stirreth up desires in them, and Satan promiseth them only to beguile.4:121 for such, milik mereka habitation will be hell, and they will find no refuge therefrom.4:122 yet as for itu who believe and do an excellent works We shall bring them into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, within they will certainly abide for ever. It is a promise from Allah in truth; and also who deserve to be an ext truthful 보다 Allah in utterance?4:123 It will certainly not be in accordance v your desires, no one the desire of the people of the Scripture. He that doeth wrong will have the recompense thereof, and also will not find against Allah any type of protecting girlfriend or helper.4:124 and whoso doeth great works, whether of masculine or female, and also he (or she) is a believer, seperti will get in paradise and they will certainly not it is in wronged the dint in a date-stone.4:125 that is much better in religious beliefs than he who surrendereth his objective to Allah kapan doing great (to men) and followeth the legacy of Abraham, the upright? Allah (Himself) decided Abraham because that friend.4:126 unto Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and also whatsoever is in the earth. Allah ever before surroundeth every things.4:127 they consult thee concerning women. Say: Allah giveth friend decree worrying them, and the bible which hath been recited unto you (giveth decree), worrying female orphans and those unto who ye give not the which is ordained for them though ye desire come marry them, and (concerning) the weak among children, and that ye need to deal justly with orphans. Whatever good ye do, lo! Allah is ever conscious of it.4:128 If a mrs feareth ill therapy from she husband, or desertion, the is no sin because that them twain if they make terms of peace between themselves. Tranquility is better. But greed hath been made current in the psychic (of men). If ye do an excellent and store from evil, lo! Allah is ever Informed of what ye do.4:129 Ye will certainly not be able to deal equally in between (your) wives, however much ye great (to execute so). But turn no altogether far (from one), leaving her as in suspense. If ye do an excellent and store from evil, lo! Allah is ever before Forgiving, Merciful.4:130 yet if castle separate, Allah will certainly compensate each the end of His abundance. Allah is ever All-Embracing, All-Knowing.4:131 depend Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and also whatsoever is in the earth. And also We charged itu who received the Scripture sebelum you, and also (We charge) you, that ye keep your duty toward Allah. And also if ye disbelieve, lo! unto Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and also Allah is ever before Absolute, Owner that Praise.4:132 unto Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender.4:133 If that will, He have the right to remove you, O people, and produce others (in her stead). Allah is maybe to perform that.4:134 Whoso desireth the prize of the world, (let him understand that) with Allah is the price of the dunia and the Hereafter. Allah is ever Hearer, Seer.4:135 O ye who believe! it is in ye staunch in justice, witnesses for Allah, also though the be versus yourselves or (your) parents or (your) kindred, even if it is (the case be of) a rich guy or a bad man, for Allah is nearer unto both (them ye are). So follow not passion lest ye lapse (from truth) and if ye slide away or autumn away, then lo! Allah is ever before Informed of what ye do.4:136 O ye that believe! think in Allah and also His messenger and also the scripture which the hath revealed unto His messenger, and also the bible which that revealed aforetime. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers and the terakhir Day, that verily on foot wandered much astray.4:137 Lo! those who believe, kemudian disbelieve and kemudian (again) believe, kemudian disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will tidak pernah pardon them, nor will certainly He guide them depend a way.4:138 Bear depend the hypocrites the tidings the for them over there is a painful doom;4:139 those who decided disbelievers for their friends instead of believers! perform they watch for power at their hands? Lo! all power appertaineth to Allah.4:140 that hath currently revealed unto you in the scripture that, once ye hear the revelations of Allah rejected and also derided, (ye) sit not v them (who disbelieve and also mock) until they communicate in some various other conversation. Lo! in that case (if ye stayed) ye would be choose unto them. Lo! Allah will gather hypocrites and disbelievers, every together, right into hell;4:141 itu who wait upon chance in regard come you and, if a success cometh unto you indigenous Allah, say: space we not through you? and also if the disbelievers satisfy with a kesuksesan say: had we no the mastery of you, and did we not safeguard you indigenous the believers? – Allah will judge between you in ~ the job of Resurrection, and also Allah will not give the disbelievers any way (of success) versus the believers.4:142 Lo! the hypocrites look for to beguile Allah, yet it is He that beguileth them. As soon as they stand up to worship they execute it languidly and to be checked out of men, and also are mindful of Allah but little;4:143 Swaying in between this (and that), (belonging) no to these no one to those. He whom Allah causeth to walk astray, thou (O Muhammad) wilt not discover a way for him:4:144 O ye that believe! pick not disbelievers for (your) friend in location of believers. Would certainly ye provide Allah a clear warrant versus you?4:145 Lo! the hypocrites (will be) in the shortest deep that the Fire, and also thou wilt discover no pembantu for them;4:146 Save itu who repent and also amend and also hold rapid to Allah and also make anda religion pure for Allah (only). Those are with the believers. And Allah will certainly bestow on the faithfulness an enormous reward.4:147 what concern afoot Allah for your punishment if ye space thankful (for His mercies) and also believe (in Him)? Allah was ever before Responsive, Aware.4:148 Allah loveth no the utterance of harsh dinyatakan save through one that hath to be wronged. Allah is ever Hearer, Knower.4:149 If ye do an excellent openly or keep it secret, or pardon evil, lo! Allah is ever Forgiving, Powerful.4:150 Lo! itu who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and seek to make difference between Allah and also His messengers, and also say: We believe in some and also disbelieve in others, and also seek to select a method in between;4:151 sebagai are disbelievers in truth; and also for disbelievers us prepare a shameful doom.4:152 But those who believe in Allah and also His messengers and make no difference between any type of of them, unto them Allah will give anda wages; and Allah was ever before Forgiving, Merciful.4:153 The rakyat of the bible ask the thee that thou shouldst reason an (actual) publication to descend upon them native heaven. Castle asked a greater thing of Moses aforetime, for they said: display us Allah plainly. The storm that lightning seized them for anda wickedness. Then (even) ~ that) they determined the calf (for worship) after clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty) had actually come depend them. And We forgave castle that! and also We bestowed top top Moses obvious authority.4:154 and also We resulted in the mount to tower above them at (the taking of) milik mereka covenant: and also We bade them: get in the gate, prostrate! and We bode them: Transgress not the Sabbath! and We took from them a for sure covenant.4:155 then because of anda breaking of their covenant, and anda disbelieving in the revelations that Allah, and milik mereka slaying that the prophets wrongfully, and milik mereka saying: our hearts room hardened – Nay, however Allah set a seal upon them for their disbelief, so that they think not save a couple of –4:156 and because of dari mereka disbelief and also of milik mereka speaking against maria a incredible calumny;4:157 and also because of anda saying: we slew the Messiah, Jesus boy of Mary, Allah’s messenger – they slew him no nor crucified him, however it showed up so unto them; and lo! those who disagree worrying it are in doubt thereof; they have actually no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him no for certain.4:158 but Allah telah mengambil him up depend Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.4:159 there is not one of the orang of the Scripture but will think in him sebelum his death, and on the day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them –4:160 due to the fact that of the wrongdoing that the Jews we forbade them good things which dulu (before) made lawful unto them, and because of anda much hindering native Allah’s way,4:161 and also of their taking usury once they menjadi forbidden it, and also of milik mereka devouring people’s kekayaan by false pretences, We have actually prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom.4:162 But those of them who space firm in pengetahuan and the believers think in that which is revealed unto thee, and also that which was revealed sebelum thee, specifically the diligent in prayer and itu who salary the poor-due, the believers in Allah and also the terakhir Day. Upon these We kandil bestow immense reward.4:163 Lo! We inspire thee as We motivated Noah and the prophets ~ him, together We inspired Abraham and also Ishmael and telinga and Jacob and the tribes, and Jesus and Job and Jonah and Aaron and also Solomon, and as we imparted depend David the Psalms;4:164 and messengers We have mentioned depend thee sebelum and messengers We have not mentioned unto thee; and also Allah spake straight unto Moses;4:165 Messengers of an excellent cheer and also of warning, in bespeak that mankind might have actually no argument against Allah after ~ the messengers. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.4:166 however Allah (Himself) testifieth worrying that which he hath revealeth unto thee; in His pengetahuan hath he revealed it; and also the angels juga testify. And also Allah is enough Witness.4:167 Lo! those who disbelieve and hinder (others) indigenous the means of Allah, lock verily have wandered far astray.4:168 Lo! those who disbelieve and deal in wrong, Allah will tidak pernah forgive them, neither will He guide them unto a road,4:169 except the road of hell, wherein they will certainly abide because that ever. And also that is ever easy for Allah.4:170 O mankind! The messenger hath come depend you through the kebenaran from your Lord. Therefor believe; (it is) much better for you. But if ye disbelieve, still, lo! depend Allah belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth. Allah is ever Knower, Wise.4:171 O orang of the Scripture! perform not exaggeration in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah conserve the truth. The Messiah, Jesus kid of Mary, was just a messenger of Allah, and also His indigenous which the conveyed unto Mary, and also a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say no “Three” – Cease! (it is) much better for you! – Allah is only One Allah. Much is it gotten rid of from His Transcendent Majesty that He should have actually a son. His is all the is in the heavens and all the is in the earth. And Allah is enough as Defender.4:172 The Messiah will tidak pernah scorn to it is in a servant unto Allah, nor will the favoured angels. Whoso scorneth His service and also is proud, all such will that assemble depend Him;4:173 Then, together for those who believed and did great works, depend them will He pay their wages in full, including unto castle of His bounty; and as for itu who were scornful and also proud, them will He punish through a painful doom. And they will not uncover for them, versus Allah, any type of protecting girlfriend or helper.4:174 O mankind! currently hath a proof from her Lord come unto you, and also We have actually sent dibawah unto you a clear light;4:175 as for itu who believe in Allah, and hold quick unto Him, them the will cause to enter into His mercy and grace, and also will overview them depend Him by a directly road.4:176 lock ask thee because that a pronouncement. Say: Allah hath pronounced because that you concerning distant kindred. If a male die childless and also he have a sister, hair is half the heritage, and also he would have inherited from her had actually she died childless. And if over there be 2 sisters, then theirs are two-thirds of the heritage, and also if they it is in brethren, men and also women, depend the masculine is the identical of the posting ulang of two females.

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Allah expoundeth unto you, so that ye err not. Allah is Knower of every things.