Legenda Banyuwangi dalam Bahasa Inggris – Banyuwangi Legend
Banyuwangi adalah namu sebuah kabupaten di Provinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia memiliki cerita asal usul dari sebuah Legenda Banyuwangi apa akan diceritakan batin bahasa inggris ini. Banyuwangi tersoroh di potongan timur pulau Jawa, samping Bali memiliki. Di antara Banyuwangi dan pulau Bali terdapat Selat Bali yang memisahkan keduanya. Biakan Banyuwangi adalah budaya apa unik buat merupakan perpaduan antara budaya Jawa, Bali dan Madura. Berikut adalah legenda Banyuwangi dalam bahasa inggris tentang cerita asal mula banyuwangi.

Teks Legenda Banyuwangi batin bahasa inggris

Legend that BanyuwangiLong time back Banyuwangi was referred to as Blambangan. It to be a kingdom under a wise raja who had actually a handsome and also smart son. Raden Banterang was his name. He chosen hunting really much. He regularly went to forest around Blambangan come hunt for animals. One day when he was in a woodland he witnessed a deer. That chased it and also the deer ran deeper into the forest. His equine was so good and strong that the left his security behind. Unfortunately he shed the deer. As he took a rest di bawah a huge banyan tree suddenly a lover lady appeared in front of him. Raden Banterang was an extremely surprised to check out a beautiful girl alone in the forest. He was suspicious the she was no a human being. So he inquiry her.‘Excuse me lovely lady, carry out you live roughly here?’‘No, i don’t. I’m indigenous Klungkung, Bali. My name is Surati. I’m a princess, the daughter the the raja of Klungkung. I need your help’‘I will certainly gladly tolong you, however please call me maafkan saya your trouble is’‘I’m in danger. There to be a rebellion in Klungkung. The rebel eliminated my father but I mungkin escape. Mine guards aku mengambilnya me di sini but I lose them. Currently I’m alone. I don’t recognize where come go. I have actually no loved one here. Please help me’‘You room coming come the appropriate person. I’m prince Banterang indigenous the kingdom the Blambangan. I will safeguard you. You re welcome come v me.’Then Raden Banterang ambil Surati home. He fell in love v her and kemudian several months later on he married her. One day once Surati was in the street he met a man. The man referred to as him.‘Surati, Surati’She to be surprised come realize the the male was her brother Rupaksa. Rupaksa said her that it to be Raden Banterang that killed dari mereka father. He concerned Blambangan to ambil revenge and also asked surati to join him. Surati was shocked but she refuse to join.‘I’m really shocked to hear the news. However I’m not sure. Raden Banterang is currently my husband. He’s an extremely kind to me. He never hurts me. He’s protecting me. As a an excellent wife ns will tidak pernah betray him. The is my duty to serve him.’‘But he eliminated our father’.‘It is difficult for me to believe it. Once I met the he to be here, no in Klungkung’Rupaksa was disappointed with her sister. That was tambahan very upset to her.‘OK then. I need to go now. But please keep my head dress. Put it dibawah your pillow’Rupaksa provided his head dress to his sister Surati. Come respect her older brother Surati put it dibawah her pillow. Several aku later Raden Banterang was hunting in a woodland when the met a guy that looked prefer a priest. The guy greeted the politely. Then he claimed something.‘Your life is in danger. Someone has an evil intention to you’‘Who is he?’“Your mam Surati’“Surati? exactly how do friend know?’‘I to be a priest. I have actually clear spirituality vision. I hanya want to conserve you. Search her room. If you uncover a head dress under her pillow kemudian my words are correct. It is indigenous a man who will help her kill you’‘Thank you your Holiness’Raden Banterang to be shocked. He was very angry to his wife then he automatically went home. Once he acquired to the royal residence he automatically searched Surati’s bed room. As he discovered the head dress under her pillow the was certain that the priest was right.‘You space unfaithful wife. I recognize that you desire me dead. This is the evidence. This is native a man who will tolong you kill me. Tell me who he is’Surati was shocked and also cried.‘It is my brother’s head dress. Ns met the several aku ago once you walk hunting. He provided me his head dress and also told me to placed it dibawah my pillow. For this reason I put it there to respect him. The is him who desire to kill you, not me’But Raden Banterang did not trust her. He gave her a fatality sentence. He telah mengambil his wife to a river bank as he would certainly stab his wife and throw her body into the river.‘Before ns die, allow me speak a few words’‘Please do’‘After ns die, hanya throw my tubuh into the river. If the water menjadi dirty and smelly, it means that i am guilty. But if the water become clear and fragrance come out of it, it means that i am innocence’.Then together Raden Banterang would stab her wife v a kris Surati threw herself into the river. Amazingly the water came to be clear and fragrance come out of it. Surati to be innocent! Raden Banterang regret his emotionally behavior.

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Since kemudian on he readjusted the surname of his kingdom into Banyuwangi. Banyu means water and wangi means fragrance.NAMA : sandy ISTIQO ANO : 26