“I have uncovered an interesting video on facebook that I desire to share with mine friends top top WhatsApp. Can someone phone call me just how to bagikan a Facebook video clip on WhatsApp?”

A girlfriend of mine newly asked this as he wanted to bagikan Facebook videos v his contact on WhatsApp. Needless to say, it is pretty easy to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp together both the social apps room owned through the same company. If girlfriend want, you can directly posting ulang a publik video on berbeda applications.

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Though, if the video clip is private, kemudian you can consider saving the on your phone beforehand. Read on and learn how to send facebook videos ~ above WhatsApp in both iOS and also Android devices.

Part 1: exactly how to bagikan Facebook Videos to WhatsApp top top Android

Part 2: how to share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on iphone

Part 3: posting ulang Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on computer

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Part 1: exactly how to posting ulang Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on Android

Firstly, let’s discuss how to posting ulang FB videos top top WhatsApp because that an Android device. Ideally, there are different cara to bagikan Facebook videos top top WhatsApp.

If the video clip is public, kemudian you can just use the “Share” alternative on facebook and maju it come WhatsApp.

In case if the video is private, kemudian the various other user won’t be able to view it. In this case, friend can consider downloading the video an initial and later on attaching it come WhatsApp.

Method 1: Manually share Videos via Facebook

If the video clip is public, then there is no have to download it on your device first. All you got to carry out is simply gain the URL that the video clip and bagikan it top top WhatsApp. This is a stepwise accuse on exactly how to bagikan an FB video clip on WhatsApp easily.

Firstly, start the on facebook application on her Android call and hanya browse the app to situate the video you great to save.Once you find the video, just tap ~ above the more options icon at the optimal of the post. Mostly, it is portrayed as a three-dot icon or a downward arrow. Friend can tambahan tap on the “Share” option di sini as well (besides the Like and Comment button).This will display screen different bertindak that you have the right to perform top top the video. From here, hanya tap ~ above the “Copy Link” come copy the URL the the video clip on the clipboard.


Now, hanya exit the facebook app and launch WhatsApp on your phone instead. Indigenous here, you deserve to open the conversation of her choice.Tap ~ above the input bar and also hold the to acquire the paste option. In this way, you can hanya paste the copied URL that the Facebook video clip and tap on the send symbol to bagikan it v your WhatsApp contact.

Method 2: using a Third-party Tool

If the video you wish to bagikan is private, kemudian the other user won’t be able to view that the normal way. In this case, you need to first save the video on your phone lihat a third-party facebook video clip download alat and later on upload the on WhatsApp. To learn how to posting ulang Facebook video on WhatsApp by penampilan a third-party tool, follow these steps.

Firstly, install any type of app or visit a website to download videos from Facebook. Because that instance, you have the right to install the FB video clip Downloader app, i m sorry is easily accessible on the play Store for free.Simply start the FB video Download app and also log-in to your facebook account to access it.Whenever you would tap ~ above the bermain icon top top a video, you will be presented with alternatives to either watch or download it. Tap ~ above the “Download” button and also the video clip will be saved on your phone.


Later, friend can just launch WhatsApp and also open the conversation of the call you great to share the video clip with. Tap top top the attachments icon and select the galeri option. Indigenous here, you can just browse and upload the video to share it v the WhatsApp contact.


Part 2: just how to posting ulang Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on iPhone

Just prefer Android, us are juga allowed to posting ulang Facebook videos directly from the application to WhatsApp. Dari we i will not ~ be using any third-party downloader, the is only recommended to share public videos in this case. To learn how to send on facebook videos ~ above WhatsApp (for iphone phone users), the following steps can be taken.

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone and browse that to select the video that you wish to share.At the bottom that the video, you deserve to view options: Like, Comment, and Share. Hanya tap top top the share icon and also from here tap top top the “Copy Link” option.As the video clip URL would certainly be replicated to the clipboard, start WhatsApp, and open any kind of conversation. Tap and also hold at the input bar and also paste the URL that you wish to share.In the end, hanya tap on the send button to bagikan the Facebook video on WhatsApp.


Part 3: posting ulang Facebook Videos to WhatsApp ~ above PC

A ketika back, WhatsApp has actually introduced the WhatsApp Web attribute that allows us access WhatsApp on any kind of computer. This buatlah it very easy for us to bagikan Facebook video clip on WhatsApp directly. To learn how to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp via computer, the following easy steps deserve to be taken.

Launch any web browser (like Google Chrome) and log-in come your facebook account. Once you find any kind of video, just click ~ above its timestamp to expand it.


This will open the Facebook video in a brand-new tab. Friend can hanya go come its address batangan and manually copy the URL that the facebook video.


Now, walk to web.whatsapp.com to access your WhatsApp account. On her phone, start WhatsApp, go to that settings, and tap on “WhatsApp Web”. Now, you hanya need the scan the displayed code to open up WhatsApp in the browser.


You can accessibility all the contacts and conversations of your WhatsApp top top the net now. Just select any type of conversation and paste the duplicated URL. Girlfriend can obtain its preview and press enter/click top top the send icon to posting ulang the video.

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