Here"s a quick and also easy overview to just how to posting ulang location top top Google Maps, on any device

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Knowing just how to bagikan location on Google Maps can be seriously beneficial for gathering friends or arranging a meeting. You deserve to even bagikan locations that aren’t marked on the map, for this reason it’s comfortable for meeting up if you’re in a park or the end in the countryside.

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In this guide, we’ll present you how to bagikan Google Maps locations on Android, iOS, PC and Mac, so you can mulailah using this convenient feature on any kind of platform.

Location membagikan in Google Maps is built-in, so you don’t need any type of extra apps to create a shareable connect — despite on mobile devices, you will certainly be inquiry if you want to share using a details app, such as Gmail or WhatsApp.

When your recipient receives your link, all they have to do is open up it. This will open up Google Maps on milik mereka own device, menampilkan them the ar you’ve marked. They then have the alternative of gaining directions to it, trying to find other point out of interest close to it, and also so on.

How to share location ~ above Google Maps top top Android

1. In the Google Maps app, tap a location or tap and hold anywhere to create a mite pin. Tap the ar name or address in ~ the bottom the the screen.

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3. Tap the recipient or app that you want to share the place through. This will open up up the corresponding messaging or email app with a connect to the place on Google Maps already pasted in — all you need to do is hit send.

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How to share location top top Google Maps ~ above iOS

1. In the Google Maps app, tap a ar or tap and also hold all over to membuat a marker pin. Tap the location name or address in ~ the bottom that the screen.

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3. Choose an application to send the location link through, or tap “Copy” come copy the link to her clipboard for you to paste anywhere.

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How to bagikan location ~ above Google Maps on PC and also Mac

1. Click on or temukan for a location. Then, in the top-left edge (next to the temukan bar), click the menu button — it’s three horizontal lines.

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3. Click “Copy link” come copy the location link to her clipboard. You can now paste this in an email, post or other membagikan app of her choice.

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If you’d prefer to see an ext Google Maps sepuluh and tricks, we’ve also prepared travel guide on just how to download ditawarkan Google Maps and how to measure distance v Google Maps. We’ve tambahan got plenty of guides on melihat Google’s other services, like just how to use Google Photos; we can juga show you exactly how to disable Gmail"s smart features and also prevent tracking.

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