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And find Hanabi(Hinata"s Sister)And provide It to Her and If You offered All The Characters yet Her and The Yellow Flash(4th Hokage)Then girlfriend Should get Them both

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First, go to the old vendor and purchase perfume and also pricey perfume.Then, find Hanabi on the rooftop that the building by the role store and closest to the river.Give her the perfume.Look away from she and kemudian turn around and also she will certainly be gone.Look for she in the village center.She will certainly be one of the blue dots.Once you find her she will disappear.Go look at the rooftop again.If she is no there, walk to the pelatihan field, and kemudian come back.Once she is there provide her the pricey perfume.Look away so she disappears,and kemudian find her one an ext time and also talk to her.She will be among the blue dots.You will then get lunch with her and once you room done,she will certainly be unlocked.

Unlockable:How come unlock:The 4th Hokage (The Yellow Flash)Unlock all other charactersThe first & second Hokages and also KonohamaruGo come the Ninja akademi and go inside.Once in there, go talk to Moegi and also Udon.Complete the tantangan that they offer you.Once completed, walk to Suzuki Estate, i beg your pardon is lanjut to the role Shop, and go inside. Ebisu will be wait inside.Talk to him and also complete his challenge.Once you finish it, walk outside and also the 1st and second Hokages ill it is in unlocked.All various other CharactersBeat Hero background and ultimate Contest modes, and you will get all personalities except because that Hanabi Hyugga, and the 1,2,and fourth hokages.