We will be posting reguler updates to this halaman to store you informed of the situation in Bali, Lombok, Lembongan and the Gili Islands, detailing the solution to the Coronavirus on every island. As quickly as it's safe to travel again, you’ll watch it di sini first!

As this global pandemic is affecting travel in all bagian of the world, existing restrictions typical that at least for the moment being,non-essential global travel come Bali is not allowed. Bali and also the sekitar region has actually relatively few cases the COVID-19 so far and authorities have actually taken actions to tolong prevent that spread, however if you're wondering as soon as you might have the ability to travel come Bali again, keep up to day by following ourFacebook pageto get notified quicker and also stay increase to day with every the recent developments. Juga check the end ourdedicated blogarticles for töre and existing events.

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Gili fast watercraft services throughout Coronavirus pandemic

For alternative services to the Gili islands friend can book easily v our sister website Gilitickets.com. At this time there is a day-to-day service accessible from Bali to the Gili islands that friend can publication if you are already currently in Bali. Note that every passengers are forced to undertake a challenge mask and adhere to sosial distancing measures throughout the trip. They must also show valid negative test results for Covid-19 before embarkation.


Coronavirus in Bali

Which restrictions have been placed in place for Bali?

Bali has actually reopened for international travellers except nationals from Afghanistan, Botswana, Eswatini, Guinea, Hong Kong, Israel, Kamerun, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, phia băc Korea, Somalia, south Africa and Zimbabwe.

However, visitors should follow the listed below requirements:

Present a valid Visit paspor (B211A).You don't need a visa if you host a temporary remain permit KITAS/ long-term stay KITAP, or. A Diplomatic remain Permit.Travelers need to befully vaccinated (last dose minimum 14 aku before departure date).Travellers to plan on flying to Bali must very first acquire a negative COVID-19 PCR swab test issued within 72 hours prior to departure.Visitors have to purchase theMandatory Quarantine Package. This includeshotel room, 2 PCR tests (can be fee separately), airport mengalihkan to hotel, 3 meals a day, part laundry items.Nationals with complying with passports can take flights straight to Bali: Bahrain, China, France, Hungary, Italy, India, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, new Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, south Korea, Spain, Sweden, unified Arab Emirates. Rather will must go through champa and execute the quarantine in Jakarta.Visitors will certainly be tested upon arrival at the airport.A 2nd test will certainly be done in the hotel the day before check-out.Visitors require a travel insurance through Covid medical coverage (minimum USD 100,000).

All citizens and also tourists are asked to:

Follow social distancing.Follow straightforward measures seperti ascoughing or sneezing into the crook of their arm, or right into a record handkerchief, washing their hands 20+secs with soap or using alcohol-based hand cleaning products.Use facemasks in public

COVID-19 ravages tourism in Bali

80% the the Bali economy relies directly and indirectly ~ above tourism. However, dari the Corona outbreak, the sourse of tourists in Bali has actually plummeted by 89%.Many locals have actually lost dari mereka jobs. Those who didn't, gained a pay cut up come 75%. The Balinese room desperately looking maju to a time once tourists will certainly return to membantu restore the economy.




What deserve to we do to tolong the locals?

Indonesia’s tourism industri has almost sepenuhnya collapsed, therefore Bali and its surrounding islands are experiencing from an immense financial downturn, placing many rakyat out of job-related and di bawah incredible strain. A means to tolong the locals is toconsider rescheduling your travel rencana instead of cancellingbookings and asking because that refunds.

When it’s for sure to take trip again, think about buying an ext from street vendors who are most likely to have been the worst hit, and also if you deserve to permit that - explore more of the an ar than you may have actually previously considered.Bali,Lombok,Lembongan,Penidaandthe Gili islandsare every within straightforward reach of each other and also offer something unique and also worth experiencing. You deserve to learn much more about the an ar to help plan your trip on ours dedicatedTravel Tipspages.

If friend are currently on the island, think about shopping neighborhood products. Lembongan brand-new Community pasar is the perfect place to do your weekly shopping and support the Island. You will uncover fresh, local products and many handmade items. The lanjut market will certainly be held on the ninth of August!


Coronavirus in the Gili Islands

Are the Gili pulau-pulau Safe come Travel?

Our friends end at Manta Dive Gili Trawangan obtained interviewed & featured on skies News, reporting from the island during lockdown. Inspect it out!

The three Gili pulau-pulau re-opened on June 20,for residential tourism. That is now mungkin to travel from Bali or Lombok come the Gili Islands. You will need the following:

A inoculation certificateA an adverse antigen check result for COVID-19 takin in ~ 24 hours before travelFill-up the e-HAC (Electronic kesehatan Alert Certificate) prior to travel

Feel cost-free to examine our latest blogto take a online tour that the Gili Islands.


Diving the Gilis and also Covid 19

Our friends and also partners in ~ Manta Dive top top the Gili islands can't wait to welcome kembali customers. They have actually been busy obtaining ready come reopen dari mereka fantastic resort and dive center in line v the Covid 19 kesehatan and safety protocols.

You deserve to visit anda Covid berita page for more information top top this, for diving updates and specifically to view the Covid 19 actions taken in ~ Manta Dive.

As shortly as the Gilis are open it's walk to it is in a great time come visit as they hanya won't be together busy as they dulu pre Corona. The dive sites will be teaming through fish life quite than divers and also it'll more than likely be an ext reminiscent the the so late 90's, when life to be a little slower, 보다 the terakhir few years once the Gilis dulu booming. Don't wait to book your pilgrimage to the Gilis or you'll miss this fantastic opportunity.

Coronavirus in Lombok

It is now possible to travel from Bali to Lombok. You will require the following:

a vaccination certificatea negative antigen test an outcome for COVID-19 taken within 24 hours sebelum travel.fill-up the e-HAC (Electronic health Alert Certificate) prior to travel.

Local authorities room enforcing very strict measures to stop spread, to a tingkat that is becoming very daunting for locals to obtain supplies. Especially smaller communities are struggling. Masyarakat distancing is forced on the island. Orang are request to prevent crowds and to keep a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Lombok global Airport in central Lombok and lembaran Port in barat Lombok, stay operational, although through drastically diminished flights coming in and going out.

Coronavirus in Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is nowopen for regional tourism.Lots of businesses reopened, but lots that them just accept prebookings.Please remember to prevent unnecessary contacts and to keepsocial distancing.

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