Title: 플레이어 / The PlayerChinese Title: 玩家Early Title: 허슬 / HustleGenre: Action, CrimeEpisodes: 14Broadcast network: OCNBroadcast period: 2018-Sep-29 to 2018-Nov-11Air time: Saturdays and Sundays in ~ 22:20


This drama is around the revenge of four talented pribadi in milik mereka respective fields who create an elite team to fix crimes.

Kang Ha Ri (Song Seung Hun) is a veteran conman native a family of investigators that was born bold and also gifted through words. Meanwhile, Cha Ah Ryung (Krystal) is a experienced driver who grew up in one orphanage after ~ being abandoned by her parents.


Main Cast

Song Seung Hun as Kang Ha RiKrystal as Cha Ah RyungLee Shi Un as Im Byung MinTae saya menang Suk as carry out Jin Woong

People approximately Kang Ha Ri

Heo Joon Ho as Choi Hyun Ki (prosecutor)Yoo Ye Bin as Choo Yun Hee (doctor)

Public Prosecutors’ Office

Kim menang Hae as Jang In Kyu (prosecutor)Ahn Se Ho as ar chief MaengLee Hwang Ui as Yoo Ki HoonKim Kwi sun as Hwang Min SooLee Hwa Ryong together Kang Sung Woo

The Targets

Lee chang as that personJung Eun Pyo together Jin Yong JoonKwak Ja Hyung as Cha Dong SupLee Seung Chul together Ji Mok Hyun


Min Joon Hyun as Shim Dal SooKim Hyung Mook as Na saya menang HakKang Shin Koo together Park Hyun JongLee Jae Goo as Choo saya menang KiKim Kwang Sik as Park Choon JaeKim Jong Tae together that personSeol Woo Hyung as Hyun WooHan Da Mi as Jang In Kyoo’s prosecutor


Yoo Seung Ho together Lee Han Sang (part-time security guard) (ep. 1)Hong Suk Chun together Driving Instructor (Ep. 1)Wang Ji Hye as Ryu Hyun Ja (Kim Sung Jin’s wife) (ep. 7-8)Jo Jae Yoon together Shin Yong Goo Kim Sung Chul as Ji Sung Goo (Ji Mok Hyun’ son)Kang Min Tae as drug dealer (ep. 8)Jung Kang Hee together Shin Geum Ho (ep 8)Yeon Je Wook as apa TaeKim Seo Kyung together MikeHan Chul Woo together Lee HyunPark sunlight Woo as Baek SunPark Jin Woo together Nam Sang TaePark Eun Woo (박은우) together Byung Young JiHan Ki Joong together Kim Sung JinLee Chung Mi as apa Hye JooBae Min Jung as Soo Han Na (Ryu Hyun Ja’s Secretary)

Production Credits

Production Company: iWill MediaDirector: Ko Jae HyunScriptwriter: Shin Jae Hyung

Episode Ratings

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired top top Pay-TV channel which has actually fewer viewers than Free-TV channels.

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