Grindelwald had seen a vision that a powerful membentuk of Dark Magic called an Obscurus. In 1926 Gellert Grindelwald infiltrated MACUSA dibawah the persona the Percival Graves. He was concentrated on recognize an Obscurus and he emerged a close relationship with Credence Barebone. That tried to kalimat Newt Scamander and also Porpentina Goldstein come death. After ~ an incident where Credence destroyed portions of the city Grindelwald’s identity was revealed and he was caught by Newt Scamander and also turned end to MACUSA. (WFT).Six months later on Grindelwald was an alleged to it is in transported from MACUSA prison to Europe. Due to the fact that of his gift of persuasion, they had his tongue reduced out, as several guards had sided through him. Unknown come MACUSA authorities some of Grindelwald’s acolytes conspired to complimentary him in transit and succeeded in doing so.Three months afterwards Grindelwald and some the his acolytes, travelled to Paris to temukan again for Credence Barebone, who had survived the battle in brand-new York. He kemudian ordered the membunuh of non-magique’s in Paris to bawa pulang their home and also the pembunuhan of Irma Dugard come cover increase Credence’s heritage.Grindelwald called a pertemuan of his pendant in the Lestrange Mausoleum wherein he provided a rousing pidato about his vision that the future, i m sorry included lagi great and also terrible Muggle war. As his rally to be infiltrated by Aurors, Grindelwald unsuccessfully invite them to sign up with him. In the resulting fight Grindelwald urged his pendant to disapparate kapan he confronted the Aurors, conjuring a circle of protective api around himself, adding an enchantment the tested the commitment of his followers. In his fury Grindelwald unleashed the Fiendfyre intending to destroy all Paris sebelum he too, disapparated.Later, in ~ Nurmengard Castle, Grindelwald spoke through Queenie and presented Credence through a wand and the knowledge that his actual name to be Aurelius Dumbledore. (CG)During his subsequent increase to power as a Dark wizard, Gellert digunakan his castle, Nurmengard, together a jail to organize his opponents, over the door of i beg your pardon the slogan “For the greater Good” was sculpted (DH18). Back he to be well mindful of Grindelwald’s abuses that power and also evil actions, Dumbledore avoided having to challenge his former friend because he to be afraid Grindelwald would tell him who it was that had cast the spell that killed Ariana — and also Dumbledore to be terrified the it might have to be him. However, Dumbledore eventually had to shot to stop Grindelwald, also at good personal cost.The spectacular final fight between Dumbledore and also Grindelwald took place in 1945, the final year of dunia War Two, and the tahun that Voldemort finished Hogwarts. In the end, Dumbledore saya menang the duel and aku mengambilnya Grindelwald’s wand, the Elder Wand of Deathly Hallows fame. This battle was seperti a notable occasion that it is featured on Dumbledore’s cacao Frog card as one of the three points Dumbledore is an especially famous for (PS6). Grindelwald was imprisoned in Nurmengard (DH18), whereby he continued to be until his killing by Voldemort in 1998 (DH23).

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DATES & NAME origins :Birthdate: c.1883 (two year younger 보다 Dumbledore) (DH18).Deathdate: 1998; killed kapan in Nurmengard prison by Voldemort (DH23).FAMILYAncestry: most likely pureblood.Great-aunt: Bathilda Bagshot, the writer of A history of Magic (DH).Relationships: Albus Dumbledore dropped in love with Gellert once Albus to be 17, however was “terribly let dibawah by him” when he realized apa Gellert was qualified of (CH2).APPEARANCEHair: Blonde, curly shoulder-length rambut (DH13).Characteristics: A wild, gleeful look about him (DH13).WAND, ETC.Wand: The Elder Wand, one of the 3 Deathly Hallows, which that stole from the wandmaker Gregorovitch c. 1910.School: Brilliant college student at Durmstrang, yet expelled c. 1899 (DH18).Career: check to develop wizard dominance over Muggles, but was defeated and imprisoned because that the remainder of his life.Incarceration: native 1945-1998 in ~ Nurmengard, jail he had developed for his own politik enemies (DH18).

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Bathilda Bagshot to be his great Aunt.