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a game by Rockstar Games
Platforms: XBox, XBox 360, PC, game stations 3, playstation 2
Editor Rating: 9.1/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are displayed
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 1039 votes
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Although still just officially announced for PlayStation 2 this October, we"ll tantangan Tommy Vercetti come a chainsaw duel if us don"t view Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas on computer by this time lanjut year. Here"s the major revelation - mountain Andreas is in reality a large US state similar to California, with 3 fully-rendered urban the exact same size as kejahatan City - Los Santos (Los Angeles), selebar Venturra (Las Vegas) and San Fierro (San Francisco). Not just that, however you have all the landscape in-between, v mountains, weird locals and a definite road movie feel.


Crips and also Bloods

San Andreas is set in the beforehand 1990s, finish with those infamous period radio stations. You permainan through the game as carl Johnson (CJ), a jalan kid who"s newly returned to his residence of Los Santos to discover in-fighting in his family and his gang, the Orange Grove Families. CJ is shortly dragged bagian belakang into the gangsta lifestyle when a couple of bad cops get on his tail and also everything goes tits-up.

Rockstar has actually included much more real estate come buy, consisting of casinos, and many more interiors of buildings have now been fully modelled - important, as you deserve to now go robbing houses for money. CJ has to eat to preserve his stamina meter, yet don"t walk scoffing too countless burgers and fries or you"ll placed on weight, affecting speed and also strength. If you"re gaining too porky, it"s time to get dibawah to the ruang olahraga and slim down.


San Andreas also promises brand-new vehicles consisting of bicycles, an ext satisfying weapons v ragdoll physics, boosted NPC Al and also the capacity to recruit gang members because that four-way drive-by shootings. By our reckonings, this is going to be B.I.G.

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Game Reviews

As Proud pc gamers, you might feel a small aggrieved come be reading this formulir penilaian now, fairly than ripe months earlier when this game very first reared the tabloid-baiting head ~ above the playstation 2.1 myself crumbled in typical lily-livered fashion, holding out until around terakhir Christmas, at which time I made decision that i couldn"t wait another half a year for a game that all and also sundry menjadi raving about. And I had actually a blast through the PS2 version. Ns really did. Yet now i wish I"d had actually the patience to wait that fifty percent a year, because after safety time with this version I"d much rather be bermain San Andreas through for the very first time on mine PC.

Unless you"ve been squatting in a Saddam-style hidey-hole for the previous ten years, I"m walking to i think you know apa the GTA gamings are all about. But di sini are the revision catatan for anyone that may have actually recently awoken indigenous a coma: you"re a career criminal in a fictional city (although one that"s jelas inspired by a real-life metropolis) to fill with setiap orang and vehicles, any kind of of which you deserve to kill/drive (delete together appropriate). You have actually the alternative of undertaking objectives - several of which save the story ticking along, few of which don"t - however you are juga free to roam approximately the city if friend wish; the game dunia is really much her oyster. Embark on the type of whore-murdering rampage that recently acquired Hillary Clinton"s knickers in a public twist, or simply cruise around kota looking cool - the an option is yours.

California Love

Rockstar North"s recent sticks closely to the formula. The main leave is that rather of being provided the liberty to roam about a single city, you acquire a totality state in which come indulge your gangsta leanings. Inspired by california (and a details neon-lit edge of Nevada), the game dunia is huge. Fully lima times bigger than ragum City, it"s residence to 3 cities and also numerous kecil towns, with plenty of redneck-packed, hillbilly countryside in between.

But as with other GTA titles, girlfriend can"t see every little thing right from the start. Wisely, Rockstar feeds you fresh slices of san Andreas together you development through the game"s story, opened up paths to brand-new areas together you progress. The konspirasi is pretty lot thus: it"s the beforehand 1990s, and you"re carl CJ" Johnson, a Los Santos aboriginal who"s spent the past couple of years thugging the up the end of state. Dragged bagian belakang to the hood by the death of your mother, you awal running with your old homies once more. It"s no the most interesting that hooks -although there"s a satisfaction amount of backstabbing, betrayal and also brotherly love thrown in - but it works, and the promise of brand-new areas to discover helps drive you on.

Menace Ii Society

The main point gameplay has changed hardly at all from kejahatan City. A usual mission can see friend tasked with beating up a medicine dealer. Therefore you run in a car, bum it ring to the cracked den and proceed come knock seven shades of shit the end of your membidik with the baseball bat you plunder from the corpse of an earlier victim. Other mission jenis include illegal street races, heists and lowrider bouncing contests.

But if you"re reasoning that this is simply a rehash of earlier GTA games with a bigger map, think again. San Andreas add to an incredible amount to this main point gameplay, and also it buatlah the game feel even vaster. For instance, CJ can get tattooed, have a haircut, bulk up in the gym and to buy clothes. Hell, friend can also trick out your ride in numerous garages dotted about the map. No one of this is purely cosmetic: changing your appearance gets the cops off her back, while weightlifting rises the lot of rusak you deal in a fight. We haven"t even mentioned the plenty of girlfriends you have the right to squire, the burglaries, the fat stat or the properties available for purchase. There"s a mind-boggling quantity of stuff to do.

Role with It

Other enhancements include RPG-style skills, which menjadi improved v practice: bump up her rifle skill and shooting i do not care sharper: rise your motorcycling proficiency and you won"t tumble off together often. Another important stat is Respect", i beg your pardon rises together you plough through missions. The greater it is, the an ext gang members friend can lure into your entourage.

San Andreas has actually a turf war system that meminta you come grab competitor gangs" territory and also claim it as your own. Any kind of areas you manage will be inhabited by recruitable thugs that follow you around, attack enemies and also performing drive-bys. While not the ideal fighters, castle do provide a welcome extra measurement to GTA"s combat.Ah, combat. This brings me unique to the suggest I touch on earlier. Like I said, i wish I"d waited because that this version of mountain Andreas before picking up my digital Glock and also embarking on a pixellated life of crime, as the recently arrived pc version is far better than the PS2 variation in a couple of far-reaching ways.

Thanks to the mouse and keyboard combo, combat is vastly improved. You can actually manually aim the weapons accurately and quickly, i beg your pardon is nigh-on impossible to carry out on the playstations 2. Gunfights are an ext tactile, enjoyable and also far, much less frustrating. Then there"s the visual next of things.

Oh girlfriend Pretty Thing

You deserve to probably tell native the screenshots that san Andreas is not an especially impressive when compared to the likes of Half-Life 2 - paling of the textures are blurred and also fuzzy, and none of the recent graphical effects have to be implemented. However it"s still far superior to the PS2 version: the attract distance is further, the frame-rate is much better and the resolution is higher. Realtime shadows replace indistinct blobs. Every told it"s a smoother, slicker-looking game.Rockstar has tambahan thrown in some brand-new features for the PC. Photos and stats deserve to be exported, there"s a 30-second replay function, and also should you gain bored that the ludicrously an excellent soundtrack and sophisticated yourself as a bit of a Dave Lee Travis, you can membuat your very own radio station penampilan MP3s. Advertisement are even spliced in between tracks to membuat a much more authentic feel, and also the game is currently moddable -something the will open up things out also more.

One thing that"s lacking is the co-operative two-player setting of the PS2 version, i beg your pardon Rockstar claims wouldn"t work provided the PC"s manage options. To discuss perhaps, yet it to be a pretty insignificant component of the game to begin with, so that won"t it is in missed too strongly.

So has San Andreas on computer been worth the wait? Well, yes, quite frankly: it"s a significant improvement on what was already a bloody excellent game. If you"ve played v the game stations 2 version kemudian we wouldn"t indicate spunking lagi 35 catatan on it, yet if you"ve been much more patient 보다 stupid old me, walk out, buy that and bermain on, playa.

Acting Up

Rockstar hits Its suara Acting marks Again

Let"s challenge it: because that the most part, suara acting in games is pitiful. Whether it"s due to the quality of the gibbs (if friend can call them actors), or simply the amateurish directing, it"s a fact. Thank god, then, for gamings like GTA: san Andreas. Rockstar can have the type of anggaran that sends paling developers greener 보다 a leprechaun on St Patrick"s Day, but it juga knows exactly how to usage it We"re ready to bet that a huge slice walk on rental some real talent to carry out the voices.

San Andreas" actors boasts sebagai stellar names together Samuel l Jackson, James hutan and Peter Fonda. Kemudian there"s support from the ever-reliable likes of keris Penn and also Frank Vincent, while Danny Dyer and tagihan Fichtner reprise their roles from keburukan City. Fittingly, the cast juga features a slew of west Coast hip-hop stars, every the way from the old school (MC Eiht, ice T) to the brand-new breed (The Game). And also nobody melakukan a bad job. Look to Rockstar, developers, and take a class in how to produce suara acting that won"t have actually us reaching for the mute button.

Grand Theft Auto. I know what it is, friend know what it is, and more likely than not, also your mother knows what it is. In our masyarakat of gamers, it"s known for the immersive and also innovative gameplay that provides the player liberty unlike any kind of other game out there. In the mainstream media and also everywhere else, it"s well-known as the one game that teaches children how to hijack cars and also pick up hookers. Rockstar Games, however, not one come disappoint, satisfies both camps by providing up plenty of innovative and immersive gameplay that"ll it is in rife with dispute with grand Theft Auto: san Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas, in many cara is two games in itself. There"s Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas, the really game, that"s complete with missions, next missions, and everything in between. By and large, the missions have actually been boosted upon, and there room some definite "holy crap, the was awesome"? moment laden throughout the game. However, few of GTA"s core mechanics still suffer from the same difficulties that have actually plagued the series since Grand Theft Auto 3, favor the sometimes screwy targeting system and the steep, steep an obstacle level.

Then there"s Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas that you, the gamer, are totally free to interpret. San Andreas is usually your online playground, fill with quick cars and also deadly guns, and also it"s up to you to decide just how you want to spend your time in san Andreas. By providing you a huge, sprawling atmosphere to cause havoc in, Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas is a game that"s entertain to hanya explore, or slowly ruin if that"s an ext your thing. Some rakyat are content hanya lazing the day away, accomplishing nothing but havoc and also mayhem in mountain Andreas, and also in this respect, Rockstar has actually really improved upon the series. Mountain Andreas is for sure huge, through each city feeling uniquely different and filled come the brim with things to examine out, and also by throw in part gameplay aspects that are quite similar to the Sims, there"s much less of focus on actually pushing through the game.

When you take the limit of the entire game into considerations, san Andreas is a real secara teknis feat. Several of the structure don"t look too hot and also there space a couple of prominent visual bugs, but just about every little thing else has actually taken a step up from kejahatan City. Likewise, the audio presentation is more than likely the finest yet in the series: the voice-acting is impeccably convincing, the dialogue smartly written, and also the varied music fits in perfectly through the gang-bangin" design template of the game.

Ask you yourself this one question: go you prefer Grand Theft Auto 3 or vice City? If her answer is almost everywhere from an enthusiastic "hell yeah" to a wishy-washy "kinda" than you should more than likely be playing Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas ideal now. However, if you"re in the minority and also your answer is a "no, not really" kemudian you should most likely still provide it a rent. Nothing in the collection has changed drastically, but there"s so much more isi that also without a terutama face lift, mountain Andreas hanya might win you over.

And lo and also behold, hanya half a year later ~ the initial appearance on the playstation 2, the Xbox it s okay the imperial treatment through Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas, which ultimately turns out to be a straight-up port of a an excellent game.

Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas is the same game it to be on the playstation 2, and as such, there"s no suggest in going over my rambling drivel once you can hanya read it in my original PlayStation 2 review. However, if you want the long and also short that it, di sini it is: mountain Andreas is a most fun, and so filled come the brim through content, that even if friend didn"t dig Grand Theft Auto before, it"s worth checking out now.

With that said, the difference between the Xbox and PS2 variation of mountain Andreas is mainly cosmetic. The Xbox version definitely looks sharper through a cleaner textures and also HDTV support, however strangely, the load times are no better, and in some cases worse, than the PS2 version; bekerja untuk you wonder apa that tough drive is for, doesn"t it?

Another kepala failing of Grand Theft Auto: san Andreas top top the Xbox is the unnatural menyesuaikan layout, and also it"s a fault that can"t be too greatly attributed to the developers. The PS2 variation of mountain Andreas used every single button ~ above the PS2 controller, v the especially important 4 shoulder buttons in continuous rotation, and sejak the Xbox has only 2 shoulder buttons, this create an issue. Drive-bys, because that example, are only possible with a contortionists flexibility, membuat the currently tough video game quite a bit harder.

Disclaimer: i feel it only fair to point out that ns wasn"t very enthusiastic about playing/reviewing this title. Frankly, most MA/AO rated titles seem to be based on the same aturan of straight-to-video soft core porn flicks: No substance, and also all around the "titillation factor"?, penampilan cheesy gimmicks prefer language, violence, or nudity come appeal come the teenage male demographic. So please bear with me, as this to be the expectation I had actually going in to this review.

The very first thing that captured my eye v GTA: san Andreas was that it feels choose a direct port native a console gaming system. Controls, video, and the like all seem come be not much far better than your average gaming console"s, i m sorry is fairly obviously the case. However, where countless "ported"? computer titles seem to tweak the graphic or various other items to better utilize the power/flexibility that a PC, GTA: mountain Andreas seems to be an almost direct harbor from the gaming systems, with little to no extr "eye candy" or upgrades.

However, poor graphics I can forgive if a video game has various other worthwhile aspects. GTA: mountain Andreas has actually this in spades in part departments. The audio is height notch, with excellent voice acting, simply terrific music, and well-used sound effects. The stereo impacts in vehicles makes me feel prefer I"m kembali in a big city again, finish with the fast-talking DJs and also gritty, urban tracks.

GTA: san Andreas also boasts a huge playfield area, where, in addition to permainan through the storyline, you"ll be able to experience the countless sights, sounds and activities that the number of cities in the state of san Andreas needs to offer. Inspect out just how the other half lives in the swanky parts of town, or slide into the gutters whereby the dregs of humanity lives, it"s every represented di sini in GTA, and also in good detail.

Still, through the lot of exaggeration this game"s getting, the seems setiap orang are afraid to cite the numerous flaws that GTA: san Andreas has. And there space many. An initial off, the physics the the video game are so bad it"s virtually unplayable in ~ times, especially early on. Because that example, her character seems to execute a lot of more cedera with his fists than through the 9mm Beretta that steals indigenous an unconscious cop; ns beat down a gangbanger v a few well placed punches and also kicks, but when ns tried to placed the hurt down on one of his buddies with my pistol, I emptied a clip ideal in come him and did reasonably little damage. That"s some screwed increase physics there.

With the breakthroughs gaming systems are making in graphics and also animation, you"d think that the cut scenes in GTA: san Andreas would certainly be top notch, right? Well, it"s a combined bag. In part cases, cut scenes and animation in game look to be quite polished and also well designed, yet in rather there"s very tiny detail or complexity to character"s movements and also actions. In fact, there were some bagian in this title that were done in ~ a tingkat lower 보다 Half-Life, which come out several years ago.

In conclusion, and also to be honest, I"m yes, really wondering apa the exaggeration is every about. GTA: mountain Andreas for the PC just seems to be a poorly designed harbor of a rather great console game. I"d to speak that"s my key complaint, after all the hype and build up: GTA: san Andreas is merely a an excellent game, and not a an excellent one. This is a perfect instance of a Fans just title. The simple kebenaran is, there are gamings out there that execute it lot better, including previous GTA titles.

My "to do" list...first, I should run to the clothing store to get a brand-new shirt (the boys in the hood aren"t digging my raggedy mam beater). Kemudian I need to obtain a brand-new chrome pembakar installed on my hooptie ride, satisfy up with georgy to bermain a pair games of pool, take something to eat sebelum I lose all mine energy, go job-related out so ns don"t turn into a fat slob...then finally, choose up my brother so we deserve to crack open the heads of some rival gangstas. This are hanya some the the pilihan in the first couple hours of grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas. The biggest, baddest, paling ambitious game ever before (with the kelayakan exception that fantasy role-player Morrowind) hits the Xbox in (mostly) well form. Live the life that a street thug choose you"ve tidak pernah imagined, from rags to riches, native a fictional Los Angeles to mountain Francisco kemudian finally pengelasan Vegas, with sufficient gang (or even entirely innocent) activities to store you busy for end 200 hrs if friend wanted. A little suspension of disbelief helps--the graphics room ugly and the cut-scenes room rough (though fine acted)--as does having a tolerance for a sloppy regulate scheme. However unless you"re averse come crime/drug/violence themes, you can"t walk wrong here. San Andreas is a brilliantly do videogame whose scope and scale will stay unparalleled because that a lengthy time come come.

Xbox gamers whose hidup weren"t jacked by the mountain Andreas phenom on PS2 will most likely wonder apa all the fin" fuss is around when they untuk mengambil to this game"s mean, ugly streets. And also I do typical ugly--despite minor renovations over the PS2 version, mountain Andreas is no a good-looking Xbox game. And who is this scrawny CJ guy? Why is his automobile fishtailing everywhere? Why carry out I require three milik to take care of a basic drive-by shooting? few of the answers room up come you, because apa this game lacks in looks, it bekerja untuk up for in personality--one that you define. Beef CJ up at the gym, head to driving institution to an increase his wheelman skills, and eat, eat--you"re skin and bones! all these extracurricular activities are exterior the meaty story portion that the game, which at some point veers away from gangland territory (you"ll gain to mendongkrak a jetpack and a jump jet). Sure, mountain Andreas is rough about the edges--distant vistas pop up, computer-controlled allies aren"t also bright--but no various other console video game lets friend live a life this large.

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Even now, more than 6 months after it made its actual impact, san Andreas is still one of the paling ambitious games ever made. Yet the move to Xbox feels like much more of a formality-- girlfriend don"t really notice the contempt nicer environments, and also if ever a game didn"t need custom soundtracks, this is the one. Uneven Crispin, I in reality quite favor the vehicle handling, however I had a lot harder time through the combat here than i did ~ above PS2. Reference the Xbox pad; i do. Think of it prefer one of those DVD rereleases the a standard movie. It"s still great, however 8 juta of girlfriend have currently seen it once.