The "Play" in the Infinix warm 9 bermain shows just how much worth you can acquire in a anggaran phone the its price range. Infinix really wants you to gain uninterrupted funny on this device. That"s why it comes v a gigantic 6000mAh battery and 6.82" HD cinematic display. Infinix hot 9 playfeatures all necessary specs favor a besar screen, ultra battery, slimmer body design, good set the cameras. Here"s our tinjauan on the Infinix warm 9 Play.

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82" Cinematic display720*1640 pixels8.9mm Slimmer design

Despite its ukurannya besar 6000mAh battery, Infinix warm 9 bermain still maintains a slimmer body design of hanya 8.9mm thickness, membuat the device easy come hold and also feel comfortable in her palms. Looking in ~ the back of the maker shows that is colourful gradient design, the rectangular-shaped camera module, and a fingerprint sensor for faster and secure unlock. Infinix warm 9 play has every its hardware buttons inserted at the best side the the device. Leaving the left next barely v a dobel SIM + SD-card tray, it has actually its charging port, headphone jack, and also mic in the bottom that the device.

The display screen shows the primary role of this device. Through its 6.82" cinematic display, friend are collection to enjoy immersive media consumption and other city hall purposes. Hot 9 play places its speakers right above the take self camera, which doubles as the ear speakers and key speaker.


MediaTek Helio A22(2GB RAM) or MediaTek Helio A25(3G/4G RAM)2GB RAM32GB ROM, committed SD-card slotAndroid 10 (Go Edition)

Speaking that Performance, warm 9 permainan is it is provided by MediaTek Helio A22 processorfor 2GB ram version and MediaTek Helio A25 for 3G/4G lamb version. The main show di sini is the Android 10 (Go Edition), i beg your pardon is optimized because that devices dibawah 2GB that RAM. Android 10 go is loaded through lightweight apps optimized come launch 15% faster compared to when berlari the regular Android ~ above the very same hardware. Also, this software program cuts dibawah on storage usage, which creates an ext room to save your media files and also apps.

The Infinix hot 9 bermain is intensified with 2GB/3GB/4GB that RAM, making it mungkin to run multiple apps all at once with minim lags and also drops. For her storage needs, warm 9 bermain comes packed with 32GB/64GBinternal storage v a committed SD-card tempat for storage expansion.


6000mAhSmart strength Saver

As stated earlier, the battery is the major highlight of the Infinix warm 9 Play. While paling phones introduced in 2020 attributes a 5000mAh battery, Infinix warm 9 play is it is provided by a massive 6000mAh battery. It also adds a type of battery-saving technology to it, which is claimed to enhance the battery life and standby time ~ above this machine by 15%. Infinix tambahan improved the battery quality and also lifecycle that this an equipment by 60%, untuk membuat it consume fewer resources and terakhir long.


Main: 13MP AI dobel CameraSelfie: 8MP selfie camera.

The Infinix warm 9 permainan is whereby you find an excellent cameras in ~ an affordable price. Though no perfect, the main camera here is a quite shooter. Boosted with Infinix"s AI Camera algorithms, friend would gain nice and also usable shots top top the hot 9 Play.

This an equipment features a dual-rear camera through flashes and also a single selfie camera, tambahan with flashes. The major camera di sini is a 13MP AI lens camera. It juga has a dedicated 2MP depth sensor lens for capturing nice Bokeh/portrait shots. The front camera is one 8MP lens magnified with AI to produce clear shots. It tambahan enhances low-light picture by automatically adding an ext lights to do it watch brighter and sharp.

You would certainly find berbeda camera settings like AI camera mode, beauty, beauty mode, potret mode, and many more.


Ifyou haveyouhave any problems for the Infinix hot 9 Play, that"s wherein services come in. is the exclusive after-sales business provider because that TECNO, Infinix, and also itel smartphones. We have actually a team of expert technicians who can tolong you v repair business on this device. An ext so, sells all kinds of smartphone accessories like earphones, power banks, chargers, etc.

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