He is a king of brand-new York and also a Hollywood staple, a layout icon and also a man amongst men. He’s juga an ex-husband, an old friend, a son, and someone who untuk mengetahui how come love.

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Justin Theroux is ensconced in his Greenwich town duplex. It’s the middle of February, “the shortest and the cruelest” of months, he says. We’re talking over Zoom. He’s wearing a hitam T-shirt over his non–dad bod, a hitam beanie, and, despite the waning daylight, tinted aviators. A russet mustache covers his unfrivolous jaw. Behind him, there’s a glass case displaying wax molds the syphilitic mouths. He takes frequent drags indigenous a Juul to supplement a stable supply of Nicorette; the quit vaping when the pandemic began and only recently resumed. “I to make reservation it because that the night hours,” that says, as if voice an infomercial. It’s 3:30 p.m., nearby enough. That holds up a item of gum. “Whereas the minute I open up my eyes, I put this in.”

Listen, it’s been a stressful year.

In the lead-up to Covid-19, he was in Mexico, filming his recent project, apologize TV+’s The Mosquito Coast. Once production stopped in in march 2020, Theroux changed to brand-new York City and also began stockpiling because that his pod of one. (Two, if you counting Kuma, his pit bull terrier.) he bought bone broth through the bucket; the hoarded garlic, ginger, and, for part reason, Parmesan cheese. “Perhaps ns was being paranoid,” that says. Choose everyone else, he couldn’t find higiene paper, yet unlike the rest of us, that didn’t require it. “I have a Toto, say thanks to God,” that says, referring to his heated, bidet-rigged Japanese toilet.

Jacket and also T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana; vintage pants andnecklace, his own">"What I"m most thirsty for now is friendship." Jacket and T-shirt through Dolce & Gabbana; vintage pants andnecklace, his own

For the very first time in decades, he was rooted in one place, and also he do the paling of it. He worked out, a lot. As spring arrived, he observed nature’s transformation. “The buds began to come, and also I tracked that,” that says. “Birds began to arrive in the backyard. Like, squirrels menjadi behaving differently.”

Still, it was a lonely presence for a male who thrives ~ above connection. Though he’s viewed a couple of close friends—Amy Sedaris, the fashion designer Adam Selman—he “can’t wait to gantung out with an ext than three people at a time.” as soon as filming for The Mosquito Coast resumed terakhir fall, Theroux went back to Mexico. Human contact! not with three people, however thirty! “But that’s a job-related environment,” the says. “It’s social, however not the social I want.” they wrapped in December, and he’s been in new York City ever before since.

“I don’t desire to ini adalah a hermit. In ~ all,” that says. “What I’m most thirsty for now is friendship. Once that’s up and also running, I’ll mulailah thinking around the other stuff.” by “the various other stuff,” he way romance. Officially, that is single, and has been since he and Jennifer Aniston divorced in 2018. Before they got bersama in 2011, he remained in a relationship for fourteen years through the stylist Heidi Bivens. This is the an initial time, in other words, that justin Theroux has actually been single darimana the clinton administration.

Dating after 7 years as half of one of Hollywood’s paling famous couples presents distinct challenges. Each time Theroux appears in publik with a woman, any type of woman, it becomes tabloid fodder. Not that there have actually been many methods over the past year. “All the methods to dating”—by which he method his avenues—“are completely shut.” that doesn’t use dating apps. “Never.” Nor has he slid right into someone’s DMs; he says he’s unaware of anyone who’s slid into his. “Sounds a little old-fashioned, but I actually prefer to acquire to understand someone,” he claims in one affected, self-mocking register. “That’s the funny of bertemu people. Sussing lock out and also playing . . . not games, but—” He stops himself. Slackens his face. His black brows work out from dari mereka expressive arch. “It all suara predatory once I say it.” His suara gets low, gravelly, and, well, predacious. “The strategy. The game.

But his point is taken: Theroux, who transforms fifty in August, is no dating best now. “There’s just one pivotal relationship in mine life,” he says, grinning as he finishes the thought. “My mom.”

Two days after our Zoom call, Theroux and I satisfy for having lunch at the Smile, a subterranean café that’s nursed the hangovers that downtown scenesters because that a dozen years. He arrives in all black—a military-style backpack, R13 boots, man Elliott pants, a Maharishi sweater to i m sorry he’s affixed a train of fabric with dozens of security pins. ~ above a gold chain approximately his neck hangs one old brand-new York subway token the he obtained at a flea market, a small piece of his hometown he carries with him everywhere.


In regard come the rumors around why he and Jennifer Aniston split, Theroux says "Look, people create narratives the make themselves feel far better or simplify things for them." Coat and T-shirt through Dior Men; jeans by Rag & Bone; boots by R. M. Williams
We settle at a table dibawah a shedlike struktur outside, among the thousands now occupying parking lanes anywhere the city. He orders a pot of eco-friendly tea, a cup that oatmeal, and a breakfast sandwich, organize the ham. That loves this place, has been di sini more than any type of other restaurant. He’s close with one of the owners; the summer sebelum the pandemic began, they and a couple of other partners opened Ray’s, a nearby “dive-themed” batang where you can get a shot-and-beer special that prices twice as lot as it would certainly at an yes, really dive. Theroux feels comfortable here. During these make the efforts times, “you have to discover the cozy places that feel like expansions of your very own home,” the says. “This is one of those places.”

Nestled in this safe space, involved in an actual in-person conversation, he opens up up around his marriage. When he and Aniston announced their separation, castle didn’t market a factor to the basic public, yet that didn’t protect against the dunia from wondering. The explanation drummed up by and echoed in the entertainment tekan ke bawah was the she wanted to live in Los Angeles and he wanted to be in new York. “That’s a narrative the is not true, for the paling part,” Theroux says. “Look, people create narratives that make themselves feel far better or simplify points for them. That whole ‘This person likes batu ’n’ roll, that rakyat likes jazz. Of course!’ That’s hanya not the case. It’s an oversimplification.” He declines to elaborate.

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The main before, that posted picture of Aniston top top Instagram, wishing she a senang birthday. Ns ask if they’re on an excellent terms, together the write-up suggests. “I would say we’ve stayed friends,” he says. Ns ask how, and he takes my pertanyaan to be about the medium, not the message. “We don’t talk every day, but we call each other. We FaceTime. We text.” ns clarify: How melakukan he navigate the facility emotional terrain left between two people who committed their lives to each various other and then rescinded? “Like the or not, we didn’t have actually that dramatic split, and we love each other,” he says. “I’m sincere when I to speak that ns cherish our friendship. We deserve to not be bersama and still lug each various other joy and also friendship. Also, she bekerja untuk me laugh very, very hard. She’s a hilarious person. It would be a lose if we weren’t in contact, because that me personally. And also I’d favor to think the same for her.”

Still, that hasn’t exactly answered the question. I suggest out that paling people don’t stay in touch with their exes—the pain on one or both sides makes communication, allow alone friendship, too lot to bear. Time passes, the emotionally ties weaken, and life moves on. He nods in recognition. “I think that as soon as you get an excellent at relationships—and here I am, single—if friend love the rakyat the same way you loved them in the relationship, it would behoove you to love lock the same method out that the relationship,” that says. “Who desires to ambil a shit ketika you’re walking the end the door?”


Theroux and also Aniston posting ulang a besar group the friends—Jimmy and also Molly Kimmel; Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka; will Arnett. When their marriage ended, no one had actually to select sides. “In a lot of ways, it’s sort of seamless,” Arnett speak me. “It speak volumes around both of them. When you’ve been with somebody in that way, you’ll selalu be connected. And it’s hats off to them for exactly how much fist they give that, and how vital it is to both of lock to preserve that love. Ns think it’s really remarkable.” He also finds Theroux’s “seemingly ageless” physique remarkable. “If I mungkin torture Justin, I’d have actually some males pull increase in an unmarked van, seize him, untuk mengambil him come an undisclosed location, and make the eat dessert ~ above camera. Ns haven’t viewed the guy eat a dessert in at the very least ten years. Ns mean, the looks phenomenal.”

A few aku before our having lunch was the third anniversary of dari mereka divorce announcement. The day, hanya like all various other days, Theroux took Kuma the end for a bathroom break. The lanjut day, the Daily Mail ran image of their walk under the headline "Jennifer Aniston’s Ex-Husband justin Theroux cuts a Lonely karakter in NYC." that swats away the notion that such attention affects that in any way. And also yet the does. “A friend of mine comes to the park over here with his toddler every the time,” that says, gesturing east. “I would love to go gua out. But I don’t want to topic him, and certainly no his kid, to rakyat photographing. I won’t carry out that.”

What about kids the his own? “I don’t feel that compulsion. I don’t have actually a resistance to it, however I don’t have an eagerness for it,” that says. “As for wanting to continue the family members line, there space plenty of Therouxs in the world who deserve to do that for me. They’re law a an excellent job popping the end kids.” that thinks because that a 2nd and operation his hand turun his beard, reconsidering. “It would be type of an excellent if I got a knock on the door and also someone said, ‘Hey, I’m your sixteen-year-old kid.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing.’ ”

Unlike she son, Phyllis Theroux, eighty-two, does not eschew virtual dating. nearly thirty years after she divorce Theroux’s father, Eugene, she married a man she met on Match.com—but no without reservations. In she 2010 memoir, The newspaper Keeper, the essayist and former New York waktu contributor wrote, “Could the conventions of society, wanting come be like the others, be at the bottom of my decision? deserve to I it is in someone’s partner and still be free? . . . Justin, ever vigilant, phones me everyday to ambil my emotionally temperature.”

“You meet different kinds of females in your life, that teach you different lessons about apa gives girlfriend the ideal chances of success with gift satisfied in a relationship.”Jacket through Gucci; vintage T-shirt native the society Archive.
Theroux, the youngest that three, flourished up in Washington, D. C. Eugene, now retired, was an international trade lawyer who committed in presenting American businesses to communist countries; that helped lug Kentucky Fried Chicken come China and also Pizza Hut come the uni soviet Union. Eugene’s brother Paul, a take trip writer and also the author of The Mosquito Coast, the novel from which his nephew’s new show is adapted, describes the Therouxs together “a family members of rivals, satirists, mockers, teasers, and gossips. We dulu very, an extremely combative, an extremely rivalrous. In a family of vain people, they’re always trying to tease friend or tear you down, doubting you or experimentation you.” And, that says, “Justin to be tested.” Theroux walk poorly in school. He to be scrawny, and also he struggle puberty late, roughly fifteen. The was juga a frequent membidik of the family’s teasing. “The only thing Justin’s well-known for,” Paul says—not one thing, but the just thing—“is that as soon as he was a boy, that ate a styrofoam cup. It’s family lore: Hey, shit, justin won an Emmy! Remember the time he ate a styrofoam cup and kemudian puked that onto his shoes?”

Theroux was six once Phyllis and also Eugene divorced. It was messy, and the children were caught in the middle. Dad fed them sugary grain at his house, and also Mom go not. Mommy retained custody, and also Dad threatened to sue over it. “Now, at least reflected in the friends I recognize who are gaining a divorce, the idea is the no matter how rough the waters get, or how badly you’re drowning, friend will selalu hold the kids over your head come make certain they don’t obtain wet,” Theroux says. “That walk not occur in the seventies.” He claims of the dampak on him and also his siblings, “You can’t fathom it. It’s like gravity preventing to exist.”

“Justin essential to gain away native the household to succeed,” Paul says. “They would’ve stifled him.” Theroux obtained away. He learned art and theater in ~ Bennington College, that liberal bastion in southern Vermont; he moved to brand-new York and also started bangunan a career. He claims that he and his dad are now on kind terms. “We act each various other with good care,” that says. “It’s steady work. There is no going kembali to bermain catch in the street.”

Last March, Phyllis’s second husband, Ragan Phillips, died after prolonged stay in hospice. After month of caring because that him, she learned the there would be no funeral because of the arising pandemic. In lieu the a memorial service, friend surrounded their home with votive candles. “It was an added kadarnya of grief the was heartbreaking for me to witness,” Theroux says. “To have actually her residence be vacant, and to not have actually the rituals and the support systems that generally would sweep through it, v love, and food, and also company—it was hanya terrible.”

Theroux states Phyllis is “sharp as a tack” yet that her husband’s death sent her spiraling. She was shed in a mournful fog that presented as a sort of disorientation, “like she’d shed IQ points.” She turned inward, which terrified her son. Together before, he referred to as every work to check in. He taught she to use Zoom and also FaceTime. He gently pleaded with her to recognize that she to be depressed. A month passed, kemudian two, with little progress. Then, states Theroux, “something miraculous happened.” together she sorted v her husband’s possessions, Phyllis uncovered a newspaper he had kept. She called her son, elated. “She said, ‘It’s practically like in death, our relationship is deepening,’ ” Theroux recalls. In this way, she transcended her grief. “She became this lotus, pushing with the dirt to lay its pipeline on the surface,” the says, choke up at the memory. “They had actually a deep love for one lagi that i admire so much.”

His parents’ partnership offered a young Theroux no seperti model that unconditional love. “Early on, I went into relationships really cautiously,” he says. “I had to navigate, and still have to navigate, how to have relationships and also communicate and also be an adult.” he dated; he got dumped; he dated part more. “You meet berbeda kinds of ladies in her life, who teach you berbeda lessons about maafkan saya gives you the finest chances of success with gift satisfied in a relationship.” come wit: “The just relationship whereby I think codependency need to be totally encouraged is through a dog.”

Theroux has not played numerous fathers. Among the first waktu he did, together the titular character’s dad in Megamind, came nearly fifteen years right into his career. The did therefore again on HBO’s The Leftovers. ~ above The Mosquito Coast, which premieres April 30, he stars as a family man and also a fugitive native the U. S. Government who absconds across the southern border with his mam (Melissa George) and dari mereka two kids in tow. That’s around it.

But the love interest—that’s a function Theroux knows well: He an initial appeared onscreen in 1996, together a ratty revolutionary who sleeps through the woman who shot Andy Warhol in I shoot Andy Warhol. that went on to permainan a polished cowboy in Romy and Michele’s High institution Reunion, a smarmy lawyer top top Ally McBeal, a dorky councilman top top Spin City, a Bondian spy ~ above Alias, a French-horn player on Six kaki Under, and also not one but two not-right-for-Carrie dates on Sex and the City, including a premature birth ejaculator called Vaughn Wysel.

He might have been typecast as the love interest forever dulu it not for his duty in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Theroux theatre a smug director who’s simple to hate, with his Porsche Boxster, his slight structure lost in the wrinkle of ill-fitting fashion the the late nineties, and his white-guy entitlement, however who earns her sympathy by the end. It’s amongst Theroux’s paling memorable performances, and also it underscores the albatros that has in many cara defined his career: he is a character actor, v the considerable chops the requires, yet he looks choose a top man.

“He’s a clever guy, a sexy guy, simple on the eyes. He’s a dramatic actor, however he can tell a joke,” Victoria Thomas, the casting director for The Mosquito Coast says. Jacket and T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana; vintage trousers and also necklace, his own
Victoria Thomas, the casting director because that The Mosquito Coast, defines Theroux’s niche like so: “He’s a clever guy, a sexy guy, simple on the eyes. He’s a dramatic actor, yet he can tell a joke,” she says. “You think he could exist top top both sides of the law. It’s nice no to be able to know apa you’re obtaining in every performance.” but she acknowledges the inherent challenges of a versatile actor. “People don’t know how to pigeonhole you in an industry where sometimes rakyat want to pigeonhole you.”

“Justin looking and also sounding the means that he does, soon the kota decides, ‘We’re going come groom this man to it is in the star that a Marvel movie,’” says producer and also screenwriter Damon Lindelof. “There’s a factor that you look at his filmography and also there aren’t twenty-five movies and also TV reflects that he’s functioned on. That isn’t for a absence of opportunity. It’s because he’s really selective about what he chooses to do. When we were casting Lost, he was absolutely on the mendongkrak list. He wasn’t interested.”

Lindelof recalls learning that Theroux had cowritten the screenplay for the gutsy, hilarious Hollywood satire Tropic Thunder. “It to be like, ‘Oh my God, justin Theroux’s a comedy writer?’ ” year later, Lindelof had reservations as soon as he very first considered Theroux because that the lead function on The Leftovers. “I to be like, ‘That male is method too good-looking to pull it off,’ ” Lindelof says. “Then he came in and also read, and I to be like, ‘This guy is a very, very, very an excellent actor, despite his great looks.’ ”

Early buzz for the present did not center on Theroux’s acting but rather on his anatomy. In 2013, ketika filming a scene for the pilot, he to be jogging in a pair the gray sweatpants the left tiny of his alat kelamin to the imagination. Tabloids ran the photographic evidence. The sweatpants ended up being a meme—not with kemudian virality the it overshadowed the series, but with enough intrigue for it to linger. The writers made the a running joke transparent the otherwise major drama, with recommendations subtle and also not subtle at all. In 2017, throughout the Emmy project for The Leftovers’ third and final season, Lindelof post steamy stills native the collection on i m sorry he’d tertulis messages like “Nominate Theroux and also the sweatpants walk away.” Theroux seemed to it is in a an excellent sport around the totality thing—he joked about it on late-night television, and also he played along when, because that example, a scene in season 3 featured a prick scanner and also a cringey pun about length. “At the time, I hanya thought it was so funny the in a business and also a culture that is continuous objectifying women, they dulu objectifying Justin,” Lindelof says. “Now, in 2021, ns look kembali and that feels pretty yucky.”

Theroux didn’t obtain the Emmy nod. However he did get an apology indigenous Lindelof, that felt tortured even then. “Justin and also I dulu friends—are friends—but ns was tambahan his boss. It to be my project to safeguard him instead of saying, ‘Look at how funny it is the everybody is talking around your dick.’ ”

The actor telah mengambil it all in stride. “It didn’t feeling great. Ns don’t want it to take place again. Yet I wasn’t traumatized by it,” he says. “Look, I’m no saying objectification doesn’t occur to men—of course it does. Yet there’s a sort of scrutiny that’s inserted on females that isn’t inserted on men. I have actually no idea what it feels like to have actually someone offer naked picture of me online. That type of violation, ns mean, i don’t recognize if I’d obtain over it. And also it’s occurred to women dari forever. Ns think i have an ext sympathy for them than for myself.”

As we complete lunch, ours conversation returns to Theroux’s paling important relationship, the one with his mom, and a panggilan they had terakhir Mother’s Day.

“I desire partnership,” Theroux says. “Like everybody.”Coat by Alexander McQueen; vintage T-shirt from the culture Archive; blue jeans by Nudie Jeans; boots by R13.

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I had actually read a pillar Phyllis wrote around Mother’s day 1979 for The brand-new York Times. On that day, at six in the morning, her daughter woke she to say the Theroux, then seven, wasn’t in his bed. “The youngest is a born driver of the rails,” Phyllis writes. “He think up factors to operation away, hanya for the thrill that it.” She ran downstairs and found no sign of him. “I visited the telephone, dialed the police, and lived the end my worst fear—I placed in a missing-child report.” As policemans made anda way over, Phyllis pikiran to examine one more place: the community garden whereby she preserved a plot. As she journey there, she spotted her son, barefoot, in his pajamas. She ushered him right into the car and demanded to recognize why he’d left. “ ‘Because,’ that sobbed, ‘I wake up up and also remembered it to be Mother’s Day and I didn’t have a present. And I pikiran maybe I bisa find some flowers come pick. However when I gained to Oregon Avenue, ns remembered ns wasn’t allowed to cross it through myself.’ ” She forgave him and also said lock should acquire home come tell the police. All of sudden Theroux stopped sulking. “His face aku mengambilnya on an strongly interested expression,” Phyllis writes. “The tragedy that Mother’s Day had been supplanted by a much more interesting memikirkan line.”

Mother’s work 2020 come at the height of the pandemic, shortly after Phyllis’s husband died. “It had been sebagai a tough year for her, and also I wanted to call her exactly how much ns loved her,” Theroux says. “Not hanya ‘Hey, Mom, senang Mother’s Day. Ns love you.’ ns really wanted to impress on she how valuable she is to me. I wanted to express in a completely unfettered way how much I love her.” in ~ one point, he explained that 2 months in quarantine had actually made him feel together if he’d shed a year of his life. “She to be like, ‘You feel like you’ve shed a year? ns don’t know just how many much more of these years I have left,’ ” that says. “That fear the shit the end of me. Fuck mine career, what I desire to accomplish, my legacy, all that. That made me think, Oh my God, I’ve got to pay much more attention come the things that are important.” Family. Friends. Love. “I desire partnership,” that says. “Like everybody.”

Photographs by mark Seliger. Styling by Nick Sullivan. Spreading by Randi Peck.
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