Barcelona maju Lionel Messi eye the nol during the Champions organization round of 16 an initial leg football match between Lyon and also FC Barcelona in Decines, close to Lyon, main France, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)AP



Barcelona leader the Spanish first department heading into matchday 25 v 54 points. Sevilla stand in 4th place and also trail the tourists by 17 points entering the weekend.

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Luis Suarez is going v a slump, Ousmane Dembele hasn't proven himself together a starter, and even Lionel Messi has struggled recently.

Barcelona has scored only twice in its last four matches in all competitions. It has dimenangkannya only among its last five games, being telah terorganisir scoreless in 2 of its terakhir three matches.

"We've tried to score in every mungkin way," Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde said after the team's 0-0 attract at Lyon in the Champions organization on Tuesday. "We've created numerous chances yet couldn't capitalize ~ above them. Football is around creating opportunities and also capitalizing top top them, and also we haven't been able to execute that."

Before the current struggles, Barcelona had won tahun of 6 matches in all competitions, outscoring enemies 17-4.

Messi scored only once in his terakhir four games sejak recovering indigenous a ideal leg muscle igames-online4.comury, with the just goal coming from a penalty absent in terakhir weekend's 1-0 residence win versus Valladolid in the Spanish league, once he also missed native the punish spot.

Messi had actually scored in nine straight matches sebelum hurting his leg in a 2-2 league draw versus Valencia.

Dembele has been permainan better recently — having actually started in two straight gamings — however he has scored only three goals in his terakhir eight matches.

The uruguay striker has created some uncharacteristic mistakes in front of the goal, membuat poor decisions through the nol and wasting some easy opportunities that he would typically not miss. It taken place a few waktu against Lyon in the champion League, and juga in previous matches.

"I'm not worried," Valverde said. "I would certainly be worried if he hadn't been developing opportunities, which is apa you ask indigenous a striker. Although the hasn't to be scoring, he has been helping his teammates."

The squad has come the end to assistance the striker, who has 18 goals in 36 appearances for society and negara this season.

"Strikers need goals, yet we can't only expect the from Luis," Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets said. "The work he melakukan to tolong the remainder of the team is important. This bad streak will at some point end."

"He always melakukan everything kelayakan to be in ~ his best," the goalkeeper said. "We harapan he can mulai scoring again quickly so he deserve to regain his confidence."

Barcelona will need Suarez to be in ~ his ideal as it faces a difficult stretch that matches that mungkin ultimately decision its season.

The Catalan society visits Sevilla in the Spanish organization on Saturday, kemudian has 2 consecutive matches against Real madrid at Santiago Bernabeu stadium — one in the 2nd leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals and lagi in the league. It then hosts Lyon in the 2nd leg that the ring of 16 the the champion League.

Barcelona has actually a seven-point lead end Atletico madrid in the Spanish league, through Real madrid nine point out behind.

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