When he’s not out damaging Chinese sci-fi or creating bangers through ex-bandmate Kris Wu, the former K-pop and also current “little fresh meat” star is busy breaking hearts through rumors about him and his actress girlfriend Guan Xiaotong.

Anda sedang menonton: Luhan and guan xiao tong

The pair dulu first evidenced to be date in October 2017 once Luhan introduced her in a Weibo short article that accurate shut down the popular Chinese social media platform. Now, the word is they’ve bound the knot.


Kris Wu and Luhan release Surprise solitary “Coffee”, EXO Stans Lose anda Minds

This week, a new isu circulating ~ above Weibo insurance claims that the pair can have registered to be married in mystery over the weekend. Some berita outlets are juga reporting the the “groom” purchase an 80 juta RMB (11 million USD) apartment as component of his wedding plans.


from Weibo account 小颖劈叉兔

Rather than think the rumor, however, it appears that most fans are selecting to 吃瓜 (chi gua, “eat melon”) top top this one, a slang hatchet for internet users who watch indigenous the sidelines rather than interact with a details story. The reason? We’ve been di sini before. Number of times.

Lihat lainnya: Cara Memutihkan Badan Dengan Cara Tradisional Dengan Jahe, Cara Efektif Memutihkan Kulit Secara Alami

According to one gossip-fatigued Weibo user, “This couple gets married every day.”

Considering how typically these rumors fly, through the popular music star himself periodically stepping in come dispel them, it’s safe to say the Luhan more than likely didn’t obtain married terakhir weekend. When he does, the Luhan stans — and also hopefully Weibo’s servers — will be ready.

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