Dear Liz: My husband is 68, I am 70, both of us are retired & on Social Security. We have little in savings. My husband wants lớn charge $10,000 khổng lồ a low interest credit thẻ to pay for a new furnace and water heater. He plans khổng lồ pay the minimum each month và at the end of each year transfer the balance lớn a different credit thẻ with low interest. Is this a good idea?

Answer: You may have better options.

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Many credit cards offer low introductory rates that expire after 12 lớn 21 months, but you typically won’t know before you apply what your credit limit will be.

You may not get a high enough limit lớn make all your purchases or you could use up so much of the limit that it causes damage to your credit scores. (Scoring formulas are sensitive lớn how much of your available credit you’re using, và ideally you wouldn’t use more than about 10% khổng lồ 30% of your credit limits at any given time.) When you apply khổng lồ transfer your balance to lớn another low-rate card, you’ll run similar risks.


A home equity line of credit or trang chủ equity loan might be a better choice. HELOCs have variable rates, but you would have a source of funds you can tap & repay as needed (much like a credit card, but backed by the equity in your home). Home equity loans typically have fixed terms và rates, so you can borrow what you need and pay off the debt over time (often 15 to đôi mươi years).

If paying back the money would be a hardship, a reverse mortgage might be an option. Reverse mortgages can be complicated & expensive, however, so talk to a housing counselor approved by the Department of Housing và Urban Development before proceeding with one.



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Storing will và trust documents

Dear Liz: You recently advised a person lớn leave their original will or trust with their attorney. As a practicing attorney, I cannot tell you how many times original wills & trusts have been lost as the attorney that prepared the documents retired or died before the client. There are requirements to inform clients of a retirement, but very few lawyers follow those rules unfortunately. The best thing is khổng lồ buy a home safe or put the documents in double zip-close freezer bags in your freezer (which should be fireproof và is a great preserver of the documents). Or, hire a younger lawyer who will still be around when you want khổng lồ amend your will or trust or you pass away.

Answer: Thanks for sharing your perspective, but freezers are not fireproof. A fireproof trang chủ safe would be a better option for those who want khổng lồ keep their wills at home.

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There is, unfortunately, no one perfect option for storing wills. You’re quite right that people often don’t stay in touch with the attorneys who create their documents, even though estate plans should be reviewed and updated regularly. The risk of losing a will may not be as high if the attorney is part of a large firm, but even those can go out of business.

Some states allow you to tệp tin your will in advance with the probate court or a registrar of wills, so that’s another avenue to consider.



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Safe deposit box shortcomings

Dear Liz: You recently advised against keeping one’s will in the bank safe deposit box. That was on the grounds that upon death, the ngân hàng could seal the box. My daughter is on my box (she is also named as executrix) — that is, the ngân hàng ran her through several hoops, & the result is, she can gain access khổng lồ the box as she wishes. Does your advice hold in this case?

Answer: Find out what the bank’s policy is. If the bank confirms your daughter will have access in the sự kiện of your death, ask that the assurance be put in writing.

One problem with keeping anything in a safe deposit box is that the contents can be escheated — turned over lớn the state — if the ngân hàng decides the box has been abandoned. That usually won’t happen if you’re paying the bill for the box on time & making sure the ngân hàng has up-to-date contact information, but physically checking the box’s contents once a year or so is a good practice.

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