Ahead of Park Bo Gum “Good Day” in sampanye Fan meeting, we had a possibility to accomplish the amazing actor up-close at Good work in Jakarta tekan conference on Friday, 22nd march 2019. The tekan ke bawah conference wasn’t just attended through media, but tambahan attended by lucky fans who acquired the possibility to take a closer look at the multitalented actor/singer/MC. We had a nice talk mentioning his previous visit in Indonesia, his career, and juga his undying love for the fans.

Reminiscing ahead Meeting

Park Bo Gum entered the press conference room with a bright smile, in his black setelan that accentuated his beauty. He started answering questions and also stated the it was actually his third time coming to Indonesia after ~ his first fan meeting, “Oh happy Day” in 2017, and the 2nd time together an MC for Music bank in champa 2017. He always loved the energy and also enthusiasm of Indonesian fans. He sendiri enjoyed the heat weather in jakarta too and wished to visit other sunny places in Indonesia choose Lombok and Bali. He juga talked around his favorite food throughout his stay in Jakart, choose “Gado-Gado”, “Nasi Goreng” (fried rice), and also “Satay”.

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Talking about the paling memorable moment during the “Oh happy Day” fan pertemuan two year ago, that remembered to sing an Indonesian song, “Untukku” and how the pan sang along happily v him. That’s why because that his fan pertemuan this time, he wanted to make it more like a mini-concert so that he deserve to sing along more v the fans. He tambahan prepared a secret spesial stage that can only it is in seen throughout his fan pertemuan the day after.

He kemudian talked around the viewpoint underneath the name of his pan meeting. “Oh happy Day” because that him means that his fans will have a happy day every day. Ketika “Good Day” means that he desire the pan to have actually the ideal day every day. Important a beautiful article from one idol to his fans!


Passionate Actor who Loves His Job

We kelanjutan to talk around his recent and upcoming projects. He shared about his experience during filming his recent drama, “Encounter”, or recognized as “Boyfriend”, with actress Song Hye Kyo. He took pleasure in visiting Cuba during the drama filming and talked around how energetic and also enthusiastic the Cubans were. It type of reminded that of Indonesian fans that he couldn’t wait come meet during the pan meeting.

He tambahan talked about his upcoming movie, “Seo Bok”, and also his duty as a non-human character. V this role, he said that he could learn to appreciate life much more and know about manusia fear.

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What that likes the paling about being an actor is how he can berjalan in various other people’s shoes and also understand milik mereka feelings. He has played a the majority of roles before, however he tambahan said that there space still countless roles the he haven’t played yet. So, once being inquiry about what kind of character he want to shot next, he claimed that he’s complimentary to any alternatives and inquiry the fans instead about maafkan saya characters they desire him to bermain next.

The pan excitedly answered, “Chef!”. Park Bo Gum smiled and said the he would save that in mind. Hopefully, we can see chef Park Bo Gum on screen soon