Japfa says 9-Month Revenue thrived 22.2%

Oct 28 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::9MTH REVENUE thrived 22.2% come US$3,383.7 MILLION.9MTH EBITDA prospered 16.1% YEAR-ON-YEAR to US$421.0 MILLION.9-MONTH benefit AFTER taxes ATTRIBUTABLE US$113.9 juta VERSUS US$130 MILLION.Further agency coverage: JAPF.SI. (games-online4.com.briefs
Japfa Proposes handle Of minority Stake In dairy product Unit GGG Holdings

Sept 7 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::CONSIDERATION because that PROPOSED TRANSACTION IS A CASH quantity OF US$58.2 MILLION.ENTERED commitment WITH NEW harapan DAIRY because that SALE the 5.0% that AIH come ITS NOMINATED AFFILIATE, GGG HOLDINGS.NEW harapan AND GGG HOLDINGS gone into A CONTRACT through UNITS of AUSTASIA investment HOLDINGS because that SUPPLY OF life MILK top top A 5-YEAR rojo BASIS.GROUP'S acquire FROM handle IS US$54.2 MILLION.

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Japfa posts H1 Revenue USD 2.262 BLN

July 29 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::H1 REVENUE USD 2.262 BILLION.H1 net PROFIT ATTRIBUTABLE US$118.5 juta VERSUS US$76.8 MILLION.COVID-19 could FURTHER DISRUPT usage OF STAPLES AND influence DEMAND because that POULTRY.

Japfa states Q1 Revenue US$1,103.1 MLN

April 29 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::Q1 REVENUE US$1,103.1 juta .

Japfa posts Qtrly operation Profit raised 79% Y-O-Y come US$149.8 Mln

April 29 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::Q1 REVENUE mawar 16.1 PERCENT to USD 1.103 BILLION.QTRLY operating PROFIT increased 79.0% Y-O-Y to US$149.8 MILLION.

Japfa claims Unit Priced US$350 Mln senior Fixed kecepatan Sustainability-Linked Bond

March 17 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::UNIT PT JAPFA COMFEED INDONESIA PRICED US$350 million SENIOR FIXED perbandingan SUSTAINABILITY-LINKED BOND.

Japfa short articles 9-Mth PATMI of US$130.0 Mln

Oct 29 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::9M team REVENUE US$2.8 BILLION, dibawah 2.5%.9-MONTH PATMI US$130.0 juta VERSUS US$22.4 MILLION.

Japfa ‍Says PT Suri Tani pemimpin ​Entered JV commitment With Hendrix genetics Aquaculture B.V.

Oct 9 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::UNIT entered JV covenant WITH HENDRIX genetics AQUACULTURE B.V..PARTIES TO create JV CO the WILL operate SHRIMP BROODSTOCK MULTIPLICATION centre IN INDONESIA.

Japfa Announces Intra-Group ayunkan Of PT So great Food & PT SGF Manufacturing

Aug 28 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::JUPITER FOODS and also ANNONA PTE gotten in SALE and also PURCHASE AGREEMENT.AGREEMENT because that SALE that PT SO great FOOD and also PT SGF membuat TO PT JAPFA COMFEED INDONESIA TBK and also ITS UNIT PT CIOMAS ADISATWA.CONSIDERATION for TRANSACTION around US$82.6 MILLION.

Japfa short articles H1 PATMI US$76.8 MLN

July 29 (games-online4.com) - Japfa Ltd ::H12020 PATMI US$76.8 million VERSUS US$12.8 juta IN 1H2019.GROUP'S REVENUE STOOD at US$1.8 billion IN 1H2020, dibawah 2.8%.

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