“Tale the The Nine-Tailed” has officially involved an end, airing that is final ilustrasi on December 3rd and involved an finish on a high note scoring an excellent ratings.

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 “Tale of The Nine-Tailed” episode 16 had actually an unexpectedly finished on a bitter-sweet minute and also slightly puzzled fans, today, we’re di sini to recap “Tale of The Nine-Tailed” episode 16 and also look kembali on the collection as well.Note: the below recap is a emphasize recap that the paling important moment of cerita Of The Nine-Tailed ilustrasi 16, its no a jenuh recap.
Related: “Tale that The Nine-Tailed” cast Surprising facts You need to KnowThe recapThe final ilustrasi starts with the aftermath of Lee Yeon’s sacrificing his life because that his lover. His brother Lee Rang and Ji Ah are unable to relocate on. Lee Rang drowns self in alcohol; Ji Ah continues to beg halmoni to do something to lug him bagian belakang camping outside milik mereka place for a long titik of time.Hyun Ui Ong decides to return to halmoni’s side, the illness has disappeared and also Ji Ah’s friend is great again.Shin Ju proceeds being a gentleman checking up on both on regular basis to make sure they’re ok, he tangan Lee Rang a video clip message through his brothers which to be left because that him in case he’s died. That spends the first month crying every night.Lee Rang appears to have actually slightly acquired better, Ji Ah decides no to forget Lee Yeon and wait because that him, she ends up membuat a kind of documentary interviewing the setiap orang he loves to save his storage alive, the documentary is for she viewing.Shin Ju proposes to Yu Ri in the paling romantic way possible, that sings her and also asks her to marry him, she advises him she comes with a package, yet says yes. The entire gang get bersama to celebrate anda engagement.It also appears the the cook (Bok Hye Ja) has actually gotten bersama with Team Leader Choi who tambahan joins dari mereka celebration.Meanwhile, Halmonie is make the efforts her best to see if there is a way to bring back Lee Yeon, but it’s no working.

After 6 months

Ji Ah celebrates her birthday and also gets sent a present from Lee Yeon who all set it because that her before his death, it’s a wedding dress that she wished for bersama with a letter wherein he talks about the beautiful waktu they’ve spent bersama telling she she’ll get used to him no being around.Meanwhile, Yuri, the kid, and also Lee Rang every live bersama with Shin Ju, they’re leading to him trouble but they look prefer a senang family.In lagi day kapan Ji Ah was at a park she runs into Lee Rang, it shows up that that hasn’t given up and also has to be going around trying to discover a way to bring kembali his brother.He is supposed to accomplish the fortune novelist who turns out to be among the immortality judges, the one responsible because that reincarnation. They do a deal to bring kembali Lee Yeon but of course, they have actually to provide him the paling valuable thing they cherish.Ji Ah tries to market her memories however he declines, she kemudian suggests providing her life but Lee Rang explodes in anger informing her she shouldn’t dice after all the points his brother has done to keep her alive.He provides his soul instead in spite of the sebenarnya that it showed up he didn’t have the will to live previously, the now does and thus, his heart became beneficial again. Lee Rang tells Ji Ah to lug the household so he mungkin see lock one terakhir time; sadly, he misses the opportunity to to speak goodbye.Another funeral is held.After sometime, Ji Ah is handed an umbrella the looks precisely like the one Lee Yeon uses, she runs after a guy who looks favor him, she hugs that tightly as they reunite, he defines he’s no much longer a nine-tailed fox and asks if she’d it is in okay with it.After both reunite and spend the remainder of the day together, the lanjut day Lee Yeon sees the documentary that was retained in his memory as a means to store up with whatever that’s passed.He juga goes to watch Shin Ju and tells him he’s manusia now and also suffers native the things people suffer from. He ambil his tiny brother phone and also finds out he’s left one last message because that him. The talks around how much he cared because that him and how this article is a payback to the blog post he’s got after his death, Lee Rang claims he desire his brother will be reincarnated ‘preferably with an extremely ugly face.’He ends his video message with,‘If we ever before can, let’s satisfy again…’The lanjut day, Lee Yeon goes come visit halmoni and also her husband who talks about the phone call she’s created him, he sits turun for a meal with them after ~ explaining that he won’t be able to come di sini again sejak he’s human.On a field, Lee Yeon and also Ji Ah obtain married promising to it is in there for each other.

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After more days have passed, Lee Yeon is still suffering to get used to manusia life and also complains about it.In a park, that is sitting down on a bench and also sees a tiny kid fall from his bike, the goes to tolong him only to check out the confront of his younger brothers Lee Rang once he was a kid, he help him get bagian belakang up and sees that off.Later, he picks up Ji Ah that complains around seeing this guy with a weird mask in ~ the police terminal who wouldn’t bawa pulang it off.During night, Lee Yeon gives one final dinyatakan in voiceover about human life that is filled through firsts and also lasts. He kemudian wears a setelan after Ji Ah drops asleep, he takes his umbrella and also goes off to find that rakyat Ji Ah talked about. The hunts him turun and the last scene reflects his eyes lit prefer a fox again, is Lee Yeon kembali to being a nine-tailed fox?The endThe ReviewI don’t choose the ending!It can sound cruel however I would’ve been fine with Lee Yeon continuing to be dead and also Ji Ah hanya going on with her life, hanya like he did waiting for she for 600 years. That would’ve come sepenuhnya circle by then.For starters, the episode felt unnecessarily long. The writing of the episodes leading as much as the finale was becoming annoying come me, “Tale the The Nine-Tailed” to be a fun watch but didn’t have to be 16 illustration long. Many kdramas suffer from that, the have to be the industri standard 16 episodes, once will screenwriter stop stretching script beyond their intended stay? and also when will producers juga stop feeling the require to create 16 episodes? and also when will the broadcast stations establish that?I have numerous things come nitpick through “Tale the The Nine-Tailed” and especially its terakhir episode due to the fact that somehow it felt for this reason uncalled for, as if the entire develop up bring about Lee Yeon’s sacrifice intended nothing, if you’re going to carry him kembali regardless, was anything ever worth it? were the tears worth it?The focus of “Tale that The Nine-Tailed” was selalu based on exactly how Ji Ah sacrificed she life for Lee Yeon and also how in the present day, there to be no method around the complicated situation they’ve been put in, one has to die in order because that the world to go back to normal. That’s what the screenwriter emphasized on, why abandon that idea in donate of a happy confusing ending?The finishing I chosen would’ve been sad yet expected. Lee Rang sacrifice his heart would’ve been much better suited at the finish of the 15th episode, instead of killing his brother, he untuk mengambil the imogi with him to the river, that would’ve to be the best method to finish it yet that wouldn’t have made for a 16th unnecessarily long episode stuffed through filler scenes, currently would it? Also, Lee Rang has committed plenty of awful deeds too, just how is it that he gets to be reincarnated?“Tale that The Nine-Tailed” ending explainedThe senang ending aside, the entire talk about Yeon becoming human felt so confusing and so out of place. Why walk the screenwriter firmly insist on produksi scenes about Lee Yeon talk about manusia life only to show him at the ending scene looking like this? that goes around complaining about it, repeating over and over again exactly how it’s challenging to change and then it ends the way.Here are my explanations because that “Tale of The Nine-Tailed” ending:Lee Yeon is one of two people half-human half-fox or he’s still a nine-tailed fox.However, if it is true, it juga doesn’t make sense, why would certainly he be reincarnated together a half-human and how is the possible? The other possible explanation is that he win a address halmoni and also her husband after he’s gone over there to ‘say goodbye.’The terakhir possible explanation is the Lee Yeon was tidak pernah reincarnated but only brought kembali to life in his original form. The most logical one.Regardless, this defeats the entire purpose the Lee Yeon’s reincarnation, the guy wanted to live a normal human life. His brothers is a half-human half-fox dari his mother is manusia but he is been alive all itu years already, does this average Lee Yeon i will not ~ age? but he’s said he’s human, i will not ~ Ji Ah notice that ~ a while?also, the not choose Ji ah disapproved that his identity to start with, she didn’t find worries with it and also rather embraced it, so berlari with the uncalled for ending scene do me question why I chosen this drama so lot to start with.I reviewed the an initial episodes “Tale the The Nine-Tailed” previously and talked about how lot I preferred it. I choose well-written scripts however I can not say “Tale that The Nine-Tailed” retained up the very same enthusiasm together its first half.The ending annoyed me so much that I started to look bagian belakang on the second fifty percent more seriously and also it annoyed me even more.I won’t refuse I delighted in “Tale that The Nine-Tailed,” yet again, another drama second-half damages the great that came from it.So these are my think on “Tale of The Nine-Tailed” ending, maafkan saya did you men think that it? walk you prefer it?