There room a lot of of an excellent characters in 7 Deadly Sins. Here"s a look at all the age, height, and also birthday stats of the main cast.

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Seven deadly Sins, aka Nanatsu no Taizai, has been popular sejak its release in 2014, coming to be one that the stand-out anime on Netflix. The anime has a unique actors of characters, each through wildly different personalities and physical traits. Every the seasons of the show are accessible to watch on Netflix, bersama with the movie based on the present called Prisoners of the Sky. Offered its cult following and unique storylines that market a new twist top top the fantasy genre, Seven fatal Sins is conveniently one of the ideal anime mirrors from the 2010s.

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While there are some differences between the manga and the anime, the personalities remain greatly the exact same in kondisi of physicality. Numerous characters in Seven deadly Sins are rather old, having lived for countless years. Some have been reincarnated, kapan others have remained in one body that shows up stuck in ~ a details biological age.

Although they will be retained to a minimum, spoilers will not be totally avoidable. Please bear the in psychic if you space not up to date with the anime.

Updated November 26, 2021 by note Sammut: Seven Deadly sins has finished its long run. The anime produced lima seasons and also two movies, including The 7 Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light that debuted in October 2021 on Netflix. The popular shounen collection had that ups and downs, particularly when it concerns its polarizing final two seasons. In spite of its flaws, 7 Deadly sins still left its mark on the industry, v its main characters establishing themselves as among anime's much more endearing casts. Kapan its run might be over, the show's ease of access on Netflix kekuasaan it readily obtainable to everyone. This write-up has been expanded to encompass a table collecting the data the the Seven deadly Sins' characters.

Seven Deadly guilty Statistics Chart

seven deadly sins personalities heroes
Seven deadly Sins' main personalities are a largely lovable bunch, and some the them have been roughly for quite a while. The ages, birthdays, and heights that the anime's main cast have actually been consolidated in the below table.

Note: Ages listed are based upon the characters' very first appearances.

Meliodas3000+July 255'0" / 152cm
Diane750December 24Human: 5'5" / 165cmGiant: 30'0" / 915cm
Ban34¹February 146'11" / 210cm
King1300+April 1Human: 5'11" / 180cmFairy: 5'3" / 160cm
Gowther3000+June 2Human: 5'9" / 175cmDoll: 0'9" / 24cm
Merlin3000+²December 35'10" / 177cm
Escanor41July 1Normal: 5'5" / 165cmSunshine: 10'8" / 325cm
Elizabeth Liones16June 125'4" / 162cm
Hawk16August 63'3" / 100cm
Elaine1000+March 144'11" / 150cm

¹Ban is 34 at the mulailah of the series, however by the end of the anime, he is technically an ext than a thousand years old darimana he spent a long time travel Purgatory. In the realm, one Earthly minute synchronizes to one tahun in Purgatory.

²Melin's physical tubuh manusia is the of a 12-year-old girl.

10 Meliodas

Meliodas talking and Meliodas stop sword 7 Deadly guilty anime
Age: 3,000+ Height: 5'0 Birthday: July 25 taken into consideration one that the strongest characters in Seven fatal Sins, Meliodas's powers are truly impressive. He's the sin of Wrath and also is kecil but mighty. He offers his agility, wit, and Demon Clan powers in battles against enemies. In ~ one point, he owned the Boar cap tavern, where elisabeth and eagle spend much of their time. Meliodas's love for elizabeth gets him in trouble through his clan and also cursed by the Demon King.

Over time, Meliodas has actually watched numerous incarnations of elizabeth die before his eyes. This has toughened him up over the years and he spends a the majority of time and also effort do the efforts to break the curse. Together a character, Meliodas is a sassy however likable protagonist that viewers brand-new to the anime genre will uncover quirky and entertaining.

9 Diane

Diane the Giantess seven Deadly sins anime
Age: 750 Height: 5'5 together human, 30' together a giant Birthday: December 24 Diane is well-known as the sin of Envy and also is a part of the large Clan. She has actually the ability to readjust her size, going indigenous 5'5 to end 30' tall. She has actually a special war hammer and incredible physics strength. Also as a human, she appears to have actually super strength and speed. In the show, she crushes ~ above Meliodas but ends up with King.

She has the power of Creation, allowing her to change the earth. Drole, the leader of the large Clan, trust Diane will menjadi the next leader of anda people. If Diane performs Drole's Dance, her connection to the planet increases and she acquires more transformative powers.

8 Ban

Ban from seven Deadly sins anime smiling red eyes
Age: 1,114+ however looks 34 Height: 6'11 Birthday: February 14 ban is the sin that Greed. He's invested a lot of time in Purgatory and will perform anything because that the love the his life, Elaine. Ban has the ability to snatch objects or body parts native people, untuk membuat him a versatile and also sneaky opponent in battle. He also uses the divine Staff Courechouse, a unique staff with four parts connected through chains.

When the staff is steal from him, Merlin ultimately returns it come him. For a lengthy time, Ban considered Meliodas to it is in a frenemy of sorts, yet they at some point work things out and become good friends.

7 King

Age: 1,300+ Height: 5'11 in human membentuk Birthday: April 1 raja is the sin of Sloth and part of the Fairy Clan. He has actually a khususnya weapon referred to as Chastiefol, a sword-like spear made from the sacred Tree. Chastiefol have the right to transform into many different objects, but paling often appears as a environment-friendly pillow when king is no in battle. The spear is extremely versatile, offering 10 different formulir ranging native a large lethal teddy bear to a deadly flower or a crab-like spear.

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King can not look favor much, but he's extremely powerful and can take dibawah most opponents with ease. He have the right to levitate, fly and also use super speed. When he grow his wings, raja becomes even more powerful and also able to exploit the strength of the sacred Tree.

6 Gowther

Age: 3,000+ Height: 5'9 in human form Birthday: June 2 Gowther is the sin of Lust with a unique origin story. Produced by a an effective wizard lengthy ago, Gowther is in reality a magic doll. That doesn't seem to care around his friendships. That doesn't understand manusia emotions and struggles to master the concept of empathy. Gowther does understand the concepts of honor and responsibility, though he doesn't seem to care about what others think that him. In the past, Gowther had more emotions, but loneliness killed his heart over time.

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Gowther has the capability to attack the minds and also memories of others. He can imprison orang inside dari mereka own pasts, confusing and also disabling them. That can juga change his very own appearance in ~ will. Gowther's spiritual Treasure is a bow dubbed Herritt, i beg your pardon Gowther provides in fight when he's invading memories.

5 Merlin

Age: 3,000+ Height: 5'10 Birthday: December 3 Merlin is a mage and the sin the Gluttony. She uses Aldan, a floating orb, to actors spells and also defeat enemies. Merlin isn't her genuine name — she uses it due to the fact that it's basic and basic for orang to pronounce and also understand, unlike her actual name, which remains a mystery.

Merlin is very powerful and has actually many different abilities and spells. She deserve to erase spells, situate people, amplify magic, teleport, summon dragons, use fire, summon lightning bolts, fight enemies with icicles, and more. Pan of Merlin's magic and also connection come the occult should inspect out these supernatural anime shows.

4 Escanor

Age: 41 Height: 5'5-10'8 Birthday: July 1 Escanor is the sin the Pride. Throughout the day, he shows up as a super-strong man, yet at night he becomes weak and frail. He has actually the divine Axe, Rhitta, which he provides in battle. In enhancement to Rhitta, Escanor tambahan uses his tubuh manusia as a weapon in enhancement and fights numerous demons over the food of the anime.

Sadly, Escanor is one of the few characters who die in battle and does not obtain a senang ending. He juga has an unrequited love for Merlin.

3 elisabeth Liones

Age: 16 (in present body), 27 ~ timeskip Height: 5'4 Birthday: June 12 elisabeth Liones is the daughter the the leader of the Goddess Clan. Elizabeth has a kind and also compassionate personality but her naïve innocence and beauty have actually spawned part hilarious memes. She appears powerless and also helpless in the display at very first but is later revealed come be really powerful. Elizabeth is among the show's most misunderstood characters. There space a sourse of things around her character's backstory and also life the don't really make sense.

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Elizabeth grows and matures end the food of the show. In the beginning, she's a clumsy and also insecure waitress functioning at the Boar cap tavern. However when she realizes she powers, she becomes peaceful and much more at peace with herself. She loves Meliodas and also has recognized him her totality life, however forgets him every time she sekarat and is reincarnated. Elizabeth's love cerita with Meliodas is a quintessential romantic tragedy and shapes both her character and Meliodas end the years.

2 Hawk

Age: 16 Height: 1'8 tall Birthday: respectable 6 as soon as fans first meet eagle in Seven deadly Sins, he's a talk pig that helps out at the Boar cap tavern. Hawk has a big kepribadian and is quite the chatterbox at times. He think of himself as very an effective but his strength are similar to Kirby — hawk acquires abilities once he eats khususnya things.

Hawk can juga locate people and monitor them because that miles. However Hawk is an ext than just a magic pig together he was born in Purgatory and is a spy the the Demon raja for component of the show.

1 Elaine

Age: 1,000+ Height: 4'11, or 5'2 with wings Birthday: march 14 Elaine is a fairy that is in a connection with Ban. She can levitate and fly prefer King, yet the remainder of her powers space different. Elaine can regulate the wind and also trees. She worked as the divine Maiden of the fractional of Youth because that a lengthy time and also learned the humans deserve to be malicious and also deceitful. However Elaine deserve to read minds and accessibility the thoughts and memories that others.

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Elaine's kepribadian is kind and thoughtful, yet she doesn't to trust others easily because of her work at the Fountain. She had actually to check out Ban's psychic in stimulate to discover to trust him. For fans of Elaine and also magical female personalities in anime, there room many much more shows to watch after finishing Seven fatal Sins that attribute female leads v magical powers.