Will the Redmi keep in mind 4 membantu Xiaomi with its dream operation in the Indian market or is it just another run-of-the-mill budget smartphone? Let’s find out in our thorough review!

The Redmi note 4 is not perfect, however it is a well-rounded package the one i will not ~ hesitate to introduce to anyone looking for a budget or mid-range smartphone. Pack in a succinct chassis, the smartphone performs good and is a compelling value-for-money smartphone.

The Xiaomi juggernaut now includes fitness bands, earphones, wait purifiers, and also more, however of course smartphones are its genuine stars. The agency had a great 2016 in India marketing over 3.6 million units that the Redmi keep in mind 3, and crossing $1 billion in revenue in the negara for the first time.

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Now, the is time for the follower of that bestselling device. The Chinese OEM would favor to proceed the momentum v the Redmi note 4, the company’s first launch that the tahun in India. The affordable smartphone market in India is an extremely crowded, and Xiaomi desires to ward turn off multiple threats based on pricing or the specifications paper by supplying three variants the the Redmi note 4 with berbeda memory configurations.

For this review, I telah mengambil the optimal variant of the Redmi note 4, the one through 4GB that RAM and 64GB of inner storage, for a spin. While the Chinese variation of the Redmi note 4 packs in a MediaTek SoC, this one – the India variant – has actually a Qualcomm chip.

Will the Redmi keep in mind 4 tolong Xiaomi through its dream operation in the Indian pasar or is it hanya another run-of-the-mill anggaran smartphone? Let’s discover out in our comprehensive review!



Unlike its predecessor, the Redmi note 4 sports an all-metal chassis. Yes a 2.5D curved-edge glass up front v chamfered edges for better ergonomics. The an equipment fits an extremely well in the palm and one-handed consumption isn’t one issue.

At the back, there room antenna lines berlari across the top and bottom which break up the design while improving signal reception. The speaker grilles space at the bottom this time about instead of gift at the back, and also although the machine packs in a single speaker, there are two sets of grilles for the benefits of symmetry.

At 8.3mm, the Redmi note 4 is slimmer than its predecessor, yet a tad heavier. The extr heft though isn’t an issue and the weight is distributed quite well, therefore you yes, really don’t feel any type of discomfort lihat it for prolonged time. That feels sturdy, and I can’t put my finger come it, yet it feels nicer, an ext solid than the Redmi keep in mind 3.

The Redmi keep in mind 4’s design is anything but revolutionary and there are only subtle alters from that is predecessor. Yet the entirety is lebih besar than the sum of that is parts, and also in the end, we have actually a nicely designed anggaran smartphone that feels an excellent to use.



The Redmi keep in mind 4 sports a 5.5-inch penuh HD IPS display screen – the 1080 x 1920 resolution translating come a pixel density of 401ppi. It boasts that a 2.5D curved glass up front the feels an excellent to use.

The screen is very same as the predecessor, but it is certainly brighter than the one terakhir time around, and hence the sunshine legibility has actually improved. The color accuracy is better too. For a anggaran device, the screen is fairly good, really. The text and images space razor pedas and the color are fairly vivid. The display is a tad reflective, back the city hall angles space great.

Xiaomi tambahan offers a Reading setting with a blue irradiate filter that bekerja untuk it much easier to read text in ~ night.

There’s one thing though that I mau would have actually gone away v the latest iteration. Yes sir a black border running around the display. Kapan it’s minimal, that is very apparent specially once the confront of the smartphone is white.


In the affordable smartphones category, Xiaomi has selalu tried to fill in a memukul in kapak of hardware, and also the Redmi note 4 is no different. Powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) processor clocked at 2GHz and also an incorporated Adreno 506 GPU, the Redmi keep in mind 4 come in three RAM configurations – 2GB, 3GB, and also 4GB – with 32GB or 64GB of interior storage.

The Redmi note 3 was powered through the Snapdragon 650 chipset, however the Redmi note 4 is no really a downgrade as the naming convention indicates. Unequal the 28nm Snapdragon 650, the Snapdragon 625 is built on the 14nm architecture and offers better energy efficiency. It can not it is in the powerhouse as the 650 is, however the mid-range SoC chugs along nicely through everyday tasks.

It is able come handle practically everything ns threw in ~ it. Over there is no lag switching between apps and while multi-tabbed looking – granted ns was ~ above the top finish variant with 4GB that RAM, yet I don’t think the 3GB variant would stutter by any means. A slight performance destruction is expected, but nothing that bisa be a showstopper. The 2GB variant though could be a tad unstable for a power user, yet would be great enough for a casual user.

Multi-tasking ~ above the Redmi note 4 is a breeze, and it can handle graphic-intensive games without break a sweat. Essentially, the peak variant of the Redmi note 4 can handle whatever with aplomb and is maybe the finest performing smartphone in that category.

The Xiaomi Redmi keep in mind 4 packs in a 4100mAh non-removable battery. The ukurannya besar capacity an unified with software program optimizations and also the power effectiveness of Snapdragon 625 makes it a battery powerhouse. I had the ability to squeeze in two aku of battery life – one-and-a-half in case of heavy consumption – and it lasted over 15 hrs in my constant video playback test.

The battery life top top the Redmi note 4 is impressive, and it harms that over there is no support for fast charging – even more important in smartphones with ukurannya besar battery capacity.


The Redmi note 4 features a hybrid sim tray, therefore you have the right to either use 2 SIMs or one Nano-SIM and one microSD card. You can want to store this in factor to consider when membuat a choice between the 32GB and 64GB variant if you desire to use 2 SIM cards. The Redmi keep in mind 3 supported microSD cards of approximately 32GB just which was a bummer. Thankfully, that’s taken treatment of now and you can put in those 128GB microSD cards together well.

I’m contempt disappointed to find a microUSB harbor in a smartphone released in 2017. Ns would’ve liked a Type-C port instead, back I’m certain not many people will have an melepaskan with it. Also, hanya like the predecessor, the Redmi note 4 too gives NFC connectivity a miss.

The fingerprint scanner top top the Redmi keep in mind 4 is placed on the rear just below the camera unit. It’s always on, for this reason you deserve to unlock your phone straight from sleep. Kapan the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor is nice good, it takes a ketika for the phone call to wake up and also unlock. It’s no the more quickly fingerprint scanner out there clearly. Also, on a couple of occasions the detection would fail if the finger is slightly wet.


The Redmi keep in mind 3 disappointed countless in the camera department, and also Xiaomi has focused on improving the camera on this year’s model. The 13-megapixel behind camera through f/2.0 lens is a testimony of that.

In well-lit conditions, that can bawa pulang some great landscape shots. When shooting close-ups that objects or macro shots, the color reproduction is quite good and there are plenty of details. Sharpness is a combined bag though. The camera concentrates quickly, i beg your pardon is juga great for taking part fine shots of untuk bergerak subjects. If you’re shooting in HDR, you’ll control to squeeze out in much more details, back it takes slightly longer to shoot the photos.

In low-light though, Xiaomi has actually still a lot come do. If you placed in some effort, friend would regulate to get some decent shots, yet once you zoom in, you’d discover a lot of graininess.

The 5MP former camera sports a f/2.0 lens and paling selfies in well-lit problems come out well with an excellent color accuracy and details. Dalam or in low-light though, it’s a hit-or-miss, i beg your pardon is pretty lot the case with paling smartphones in this price segment.

In kapak of video recording, the behind camera deserve to record videos at 1080p resolution and the top quality is great enough. The video recording on former camera is currently downgraded come 720p contrasted to 1080p ~ above its predecessor and also it falls short to impress in terms of details.

The camera app on the Redmi note 4 consists of a variety of modes, including a manual mode that lets you tweak the ISO, putih balance, and also exposure settings, and also a properti of other options.

The Redmi note 4 operation MIUI 8 based upon Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The firm is experimentation a Nougat preview the MIUI, and will be rolling it the end in the comes months. MIUI 8 is one of the renowned Android customizations, and also although it’s quirky and can it is in frustrating to use at times, it package in a many features and has its bagikan of fans.

And it has actually gone better. Top top Redmi note 4, MIUI 8 is fairly smooth and also polished. Through the internals that packs, the smartphone hanya breezes through MIUI 8, and even the usual culprits like system animations are a user suffer delight.

One of the highlights of the MIUI 8 is the focus on privacy with double Apps and 2nd Space. Kapan the dual Apps feature permits you to membuat two instances of any kind of app (so because that example, you can use two WhatsApp account on the exact same phone), the 2nd Space feature enables users come separate personal and business information ~ above the same device.

While the MIUI 8 has an enhanced dialer app, it juga boasts of a caller ID function with information about the distribution staff of digital stores and also local on-demand services. The Messages application bundles comparable messages right into folders so texts from banks, organization providers, digital stores, etc. Nothing clog up your inbox. These are really useful, and unique, functions that Xiaomi has specifically introduced for the Indian market.

MIUI 8 has a one-handed mode, which is accessible with a left-to-right swipe gesture across the navigation keys. You deserve to shrink the screen size down to 4.0 inches, 4.5 inches, or 3.5 inches, produksi it much more convenient to usage the phone one-handed. There’s juga the Quick nol feature that lets you access shortcuts with ease – first introduced v the large-sized Mi maksimum phablet.

The Redmi keep in mind 4 has a bunch that preloaded apps, and also they can’t be uninstalled in situation you don’t need any type of of these. That’s dobel whammy, really.

Overall, the all at once software experience on the Redmi keep in mind 4 is great, and there space a bunch of useful features the you’d only appreciate as soon as you awal using it. I’m no a huge fan of MIUI’s aggressive memory management, yet that apart, there room no complaints yes, really if you heat up to it.


Operating SystemMIUI 8 based upon Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Display5.5-inch sepenuhnya HD (1920 x 1080) IPS LCD | 2.5D bent glass | 401ppi
ProcessorOcta-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 | Eight Cortex A53 cores in ~ 2.0GHz | 14nm
GPUAdreno 506 | 650MHz
Internal Storage32GB/32GB/64GB | expandable as much as 128GB via microSD
Rear Camera13MP with disutradarai flash | f/2.0 lens | PDAF | 1080p video recording
Front Camera5MP | f/2.0 lens | 720p video recording
Dimensions151 x 76 x 8.3mm

After the massive kesuksesan of Redmi keep in mind 3, the Redmi note 4 had challenging shoes come fill. And also looks choose we’ve got lagi winner on our hands. The Redmi note 4 is definitely the new benchmark for other anggaran smartphones launching in 2017 to enhance up to. It’s no really an unknown are for the Chinese agency to find diri sendiri in.

The Redmi note 4 is definitely the brand-new benchmark for other budget smartphones launching in 2017 to match up to.

The Redmi keep in mind 4 is not perfect – the camera tho misses the to win – but it is a well-rounded package that one wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – especially if one requirements a huge screen and also long battery life. Packed in a practiced chassis, the smartphone performs great and is a compelling smartphone the gets a straight entry into any kind of best-of lists. Interestingly, yes sir nothing revolutionary in the Redmi keep in mind 4, however it’s a nice progression from the predecessor that fixes paling of latter’s flaws and also presents karakter itu as a terrific value-for-money device.

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In India, the base version comes with 2GB the RAM and 32GB storage and retails because that ₹9,999 ($145). Uneven you’re a basic smartphone user, you could want to skip it and go for the other variant v 3GB the RAM and 32GB storage that is accessible for ₹10,999 ($160). That course, if you don’t mind security more, choose up the height variant v 4GB the RAM and 64GB storage for ₹12,999 ($190) is a no-brainer.